The End Of August

We are are quite shocked that we are at the end of  August already time really does fly when you’re having fun and we really are having fun out and about hog roasting, we always say it really doesn’t feel like work and it doesn’t it really is fun! We were catering for a 50th birthday at the weekend a really sociable chap who we have grown to know very well indeed as he has had a huge input in his day and has visited us on numerous occasions to discuss menu and the likes and that is what we love we love you having an input and love it when our customers are so keen and no more so than this wonderful gentleman! Pork and crackling was on the menu with apple sauce and crispy crunch buns vegetable kebabs and summer salads with an array of dips and sauces potato wedges with a lime dip specially created by the guy him self was also on order. Upon arrival the guy was keen to show Hog roast Hire where we were catering and it wasn’t too long before you could smell the wonderful pork, Hog roast cannot stress enough just how far a pig can go and it does go a long long way there is virtually no waste on the meat and that is really what we want, his guests were all smitten by the sight of the pig and all had a good chuckle the pig was the main topic of conversation of the day! When the guests arrived each were given a nice glass of champagne and hog Roast Hire were asked to have one too but we politely declined as we all need a clear head when cooking as we want the day to be perfect so we raised a glass of orange juice instead to wish the guy well. we had just finished our drink when we started to carve and serve we do believe in serving the meat nice and hot it does taste sensational when first cooked. A good time was had and the guy came and thanked us so much for a great day and we must say we had a great day too!

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