We really we cannot complain !

August and still the sun is here really we cannot complain as we have had a fantastic summer heat waves as well! Our business has been booming considering Hog Roast has only been in business for over a year and we have enjoyed every single minute of it! West for us on Saturday and catering for a large corporate event and we were so pleased as it was a nice out door event and we do love catering out door. Hog Roast Hire had been asked to bring enough food to cater for seven hundred and we always bring that bit extra just in case we run a little shy as it can happen and we would hate to run short on food. We arrived nice and early the event was a farmer convention an annual event that happens each year so as you can Imagine we had to impress with our meat and we had ever confidence that we would do so, Hog Roast brought three pigs a stack of chickens and beef and lots of luscious green leafy vegetables and summer salad with an assortments of dips, sauces and dressings. Hog Roast Hire greeted the guests to some light refreshments and chatted to them as they arrived meanwhile the meat was cooking away nicely and as usual the pigs were the main source of entertainment everyone was stopping and looking at the pigs and they really thought them a great sight and couldn’t wait to taste! Soon the place was heaving and a lot of hungry mouths to feed we began to carve and plate the meat as our wonderful waiting staff served the food lots of lovely soft buns were filled with meat and salad and topped with dressings and dips the smell was just captivating really wonderful and we were so busy that by the time we turned around the food was nearly gone and everyone was tucking in to their food as we cleared away we got chatting and everyone was full of admiration for us saying we had done a splendid job and all were happy and we were happy too!

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