Lovely sunny Saturday


Heading north on a lovely sunny Saturday and not a soul in sight! Well to be honest there are not many going to work on a Saturday morning so it was really nice just flying down the motor way with the window open and the nice warm breeze against my face! When we arrived it was still quite early and hog roast like to get to the venue with plenty of time to spare as it takes a good eight hours or so to cook a full pig and a full pig was order of the day. Hog roast hire were catering for an Anniversary and an out door event too in the middle of the countryside and the expected guest list was to cater for three hundred and fifty. Hog roast hire was asked to cook some chicken and beef and we soon had everything under control. To go with the meats hog roast made some nice summer warm salads plenty of fresh crispy lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber all drizzled in a warm herb oil dressing. Hog roast made some potato wedges and potato skins and made some nice yogurt dressings, which taste so nice with the spicy potatoes. The happy couple arrived looking incredibly happy and they had been married for fifty years! We asked what the secret of a long happy marriage was and we were told an argument a day is the best remedy for a successful marriage and we all had a good giggle. Hog roast hire had a great time and the couple were charming and they all thoroughly enjoyed the food. We sat chatting for an hour or so after the event and the couple could tell a good story they told us about all their exploits of being young and the things they got up to and to look at them you would think butter wouldn’t melt! We said our good byes and it really felt like the couple were friends and it was quite sad some times some people do get to you and you meet some terrific people and this was one of those times.

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