DIY hog roast? You can do it!

I always love it when people come up and have a little chat after another successful hog roast event, and more often than not it is people keen to pat you on the back and say how wonderful; they thought the meat was. In fact no-one has ever come up to and said it was anything but brilliant…but I digress.

The other week I was approached by one lady who had been at the event I had catered for. Before she talked to me, she was having a really long look at my hog roast machine. At first I was a little concerned and thought she had spotted something wrong with it, but every soon became clear.

‘That was quite the best meal I’ve had at an event in years’, said the lady. ‘And you cook the whole thing in this (pointing at the hog roast machine)? Well that’s just brilliant!’

I was obviously very pleased that she loved the food but I could tell that she had only just started and was worried about what was coming next. ‘So, can anyone do this?’ she said. ‘Cook a hog roast in one of these at home, in the garden or such? My husband would love one.’

I had had many people coming up me after events and saying that they’d love their own machine, but this lady was quite serious, in fact I thought she was going to make an offer to buy mine there and then. But what I did do was give her the details of our website so she could look at getting her husband his dream hog roast machine. Anyway it turns out they did indeed buy one and they are loving it, but she did get in touch to say that it did not mean she wouldn’t attend future events! Check hog roast Bristol for future hog blogs like this.

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