Another busy week of hog roasting


As you know we like to keep you up to date with all that is happening in our hog roast world and we are certainly keeping extremely busy of late. It seems to me that more and more people are developing a taste for hog roast, and whilst that is excellent news for all us hog roast caterers, it means that we are so busy that our feet are hardly touching the ground. Just check hog roast Bristol to see for yourself.

A bit of good weather always guarantees a lot of people at the pubs and with us providing hog roast at a beer festival over the weekend, it really has been quite manic. We actually do like attending beer festivals because you do tend to get people who actually appreciate a good beer and know all about what beer goes well with hog roast. It seems that knowing your hops and your regions helps you understand the beer better. One person was quite adamant that he liked a dark porter style beer with his hog roast roll whilst another insisted that his favourite honeyed beer was the perfect match. To be honest, we weren’t bothered…as long as people loved the hog roast, that was all that mattered.

There were some ciders being served up as well and we have heard from quite a few people that cider is an excellent partner for hog roast, which I guess makes perfect sense as apple and pork have always worked well together. Maybe when I next get a day off (which will be in 2017 at this point) I will try the two together and see what I think!

Beer festivals and hog roast do seem to work well together though, which is good because it looks we have about four more lined up over the summer months! Think I better learn more about those fancy real ales in my beer guide!    

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