What a great year we have had!

We know that when it come to September we cannot take the weather for granted even though we have enjoyed a remarkable summer we all know that Autumn is fast approaching and there could be wind and rain and quite possibly too! So for our event this week, which was an event out door we brought with us our water proof gazebo as last Saturday was a total wash out and we feared this weekend could be the same. Catering for a birthday party in the couples back garden we arrived nice and early and Hog roast hire got the meat on to cook straight away. The pig can take several hours depending on the size so we always make our appearance early and we are always as quiet as possible as to not disturb the residents. We soon had the meat onto cook and took our time laying the tables as we had lots of time to spare. Hog Roast really put lots of effort into the cooking and presentation alike and one as good as the other Hog Roast Hire  always make sure everything is perfect and we make sure all the guests are really happy and we love nothing more than doing a first class job, when the meat was cooked we took great pleasure in carving the meat and savouring every single morsel of the delicious meat and we love to se the reactions on the guests faces when they taste hog roasting for the very first time.  We pride our selves on cooking the very best and we have totally excelled this summer we have worked our socks off travelling all over the place at ridiculous times in the mornings to really late at night we have cooked tons of food and met some really nice people we really have had the best summer possible and today was another great day to add to the others, Autumn Is approaching but we have orders galore it just doesn’t end not that we are complaining we love to be busy and couldn’t be more happy what a great year we have had!

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