Such a busy year

We have had such a busy year and it hasn’t stopped still full steam ahead and we are always raring to go! We love nothing more than hog roasting and it honestly doesn’t feel like work it really feels and is a pleasure! We were in our home town on Saturday afternoon a shop opening and we were there to give the visitors a treat! That is the beauty of hog roasting the machines run on gas so you can hog roast wherever you wish we set up the machine out side the shop and were met by the shop owner a wonderful fashion boutique and we were asked to supply the guests with some chicken and stuffing sandwiches, potato skins and dips and plenty of hot soup as it was really cold no problem we said! We got the chickens cooking straight away and soon the street was filled with the smell of chicken wonderful there was a few starting to queue out side the shop all keen to see the new designs. Hog roast the n watches as the shop owner said a few words and cut the ribbon of her shop all clapped and went in to take a look we then put the finishing touches to the meal and as the guests cam out most carrying bags of their latest purchases we offered them some food which they were all appreciate of. Hog Roast hire kept the food going and we couldn’t believe how quickly it did go we were astonished all had a good appetite the cold weather certainly does that for you! Soon we were getting ready to set off home as we cleared away the rubbish and left the area the way we found it nice and clean the shop owner said she had had a great success and said we helped make the day a success and the smell of our food was wafting down the high street attracting all the customers in like a magnet she said! We left our calling card and said if she needed us again she knew where to come and she assured us she would that s what we like to hear another result!

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