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Still Pleasant Weather

May 29th, 2013 by Chef and Griddle


Not as sunny as the previous two weeks but never the less still pleasant and it is May after all. Hog roast have been west at the weekend to host a very important event the “ladies annual dinner gala” and important event held each year and highly regarded by all Hog roast hire were so pleased when they were given the task of catering for the event and felt sure that after tasting our delicious food they would defiantly be asking us back again to cater again! Well that was our intention and we are confident that we pulled it off! We made a wonderful assortment of food starting with seafood starter in a warm salad with a lovely lemon dressing very refreshing and cleansing on the pallet ready for the main, which consisted of chicken, beef, turkey and pig. Hog roast made some lovely vegetables to accompany the meats and made some dips too, yogurt and lime, chilli and yogurt and a delicious apple sauce all bringing out the flavours of the meats we pride our selves in making the most wonderful potato skins which are quick and simple to make and an added bonus to any meal it really is one of the easiest additions to make and the tastiest! Hog roast hire made a wonderful summer fruit dessert with fresh cream and it tasted superb when the ladies arrived they were totally flabbergasted at the sight of the food it looked tremendous all plated beautifully and then when they sat down to eat the room fell silent as we looked around the ladies then all started to chatter enthusiastically at once and you can guess what about! Yes the food all were amazed at the taste and couldn’t believe the texture of the meat melt in the mouth and simply delicious we felt so proud and knew we had impressed it is always such a great feeling knowing that we did well. We cleared away and left the place immaculate and the lady in charge said we would be hearing from her within the nest week or so to confirm regular bookings we couldn’t be happier…

This year is flying by!

May 21st, 2013 by Chef and Griddle


Can you believe it, it is the middle of May already this year is flying really quickly hard to believe to be honest! Hog roast have been inundated with catering requests since Christmas and we have been expecting a slow period but it didn’t happen we are pleased to say. Hog roast hire had a very pleasant weekend out in the lovely sunshine yes sunshine! We were catering for a wedding and it was a rather large affair catering for three hundred guests and we were catering at a cricket club. Hog roast had been asked to suggest an appropriate menu and we were keen to give our thoughts. We suggested doing a sit down lunch and did say that it would be a shame not to incorporate the pig so we thought cream of chicken soup or vegetable soup then delicious roast pork with crunchy cracking creamed mashed potato with green beans, sweet corn and baked parsnip with apple sauce and gravy. We were also asked to cater for four vegetarian guests so Hog roast hire made a lovely nut cutlet with peas, sweet corn, red and green peppers and a lovely yogurt and garlic dressing for dessert we suggested fruit cocktail with ice cream our hosts were more than happy with the menu and on the day so was everyone! The food was exceptional and everything made fresh the day could not have been more perfect! When we left the bride and groom asked all the guests to stand and give us a round of applause we were so grateful and felt so humble we were not expecting that and felt so humble ah we thought that so nice and really felt appreciated and that we had done an exceptional job nothing pleases us more than a thank you it makes our job so worthwhile. Sunday we were out and about again this time a smaller event we were catering for our very dear friend ours co colleagues 40th birthday and she was trying to keep it quiet cant do that with us around! She really did have a fab day we all did her proud!

A Wedding Anniversary

April 29th, 2013 by Chef and Griddle



The hog roast team were out on Friday evening for a wedding anniversary at our local three hundred were expected to turn up and well over three hundred did! The menu was simple jacket potatoes with chicken and bacon, cheese and chive and hot chilli mix fillings, we also cooked rows of chicken and lamb and when the meat was cooked we then chopped and prepared the salads. We pride our self’s on our delicious bread buns as well as our wonderful meat, we have a fantastic baker who has been with us for the past 6 months and he has been amazing! On the morning of each event the baker is up at the crack of dawn making us the freshest buns ever and they are second to none. The evening was really good and the food was greatly appreciated a few guests mentioned that they had seen our website and were really impressed and couldn’t believe the pricing and thought there was a mistake as they thought hog roasting would be far more expensive. We left feeling very satisfied and we were so happy that people had seen our website too! As I am writing this piece I have just received a first order via the website very exciting! The first of many I do hope the booking is for a christening and that will be the first christening we have every done, things are really looking up for us!


What a lovely change in the weather spring is here!

April 15th, 2013 by Chef and Griddle


What a lovely change in the weather spring is here! Hog roast chef and griddlecouldn’t be happier lately the orders are coming in fast and furious and we haven’t stopped, this weekend in particular has been exceptionally busy starting with Good Friday Hog roast hire set out full of confidence for the day ahead we had been booked to cater for a youth club Easter party and asked to cater for approximately two hundred. When we arrived we were shown where we could set up our machines and had lots of space inside the club, we had been asked to make a selection of dishes and the first job was to get the meat on the go, Hog roast hire placed fifty chicken, and 50 duck onto the machine and with no aid what so ever they cooked nicely, we then got the jacket potatoes onto the machine two hundred in total, when the meat was cooked we shredded the duck and chicken and placed them into tortilla bread added heaps of salad and mayo and placed them onto the tables and offered them as a cold alternative and always go down well. The jackets were just about cooked and we got to work with the fillings Hog roast made chicken and bacon filling with a spicy sauce and offered another chicken and bacon along with a hot chilli sauce along with cheese and onion and tuna and mayo these are by far the most popular fillings we do. Hog roast hire then set about the task of the rest of the food as the guests arrived we flipped the hot plate on and got more meat on the go, burgers and sausage sizzling nicely as we chopped onions and mushrooms we soon had a queue and we started to serve immediately the children had a great appetite everything was gone at the end there was not even a wrap left! But that’s all good we love to see clean empty plates we had a super day with super company and we couldn’t have asked for the day to go any better the children were so chatty and made us laugh, well looking forward to the week ahead busy, busy, busy!

We really thought we had seen the end of it.

March 20th, 2013 by Chef and Griddle

We have been busy this weekend and we were not expecting snow! We really thought we had seen the end of it but it seems it is back with vengeance!  We got caught in the snow and luckily we didn’t have to travel far yesterday it was a birthday celebration for a lovely lady just a small gathering but still important and as usual we pulled out all the stops. Hog roast   were catering for four hundred at the weekend for an annual cricket club general meeting this is the first time we have been asked to do the catering and we are hoping that is won’t be the last! It is considered an honour in our community to be asked and we were so proud! Hog roast hire   are out to impress the members of the cricket club and we are sure we will with the array of food we are going to cook. The pig naturally will be the centrepiece and to be honest we could not imagine an event without him he really gets everyone chatting and is the entertainment of any party! To accompany the pork Hog roast    are making apple sauce, crackling and jacket potatoes with more than ten choices of filling so we are sure to please everyone’s pallet! We are also making wraps using freshly made tortilla and we are cooking chickens slicing up the meat and mixing it with fabulous sauces these are a great new addition we have added onto the menu and are proving so popular with our customers and since they have been added to the menu we are getting asked for them at each event! We are also cooking some lamb and slicing up the lamb and adding our unique mint sauce and new potatoes and we don’t stop there we are making a selection of salads with delicious dressings. Hog roast hire hope that the cricket club will be a regular event and this will be a most welcome addition to our portfolio business is really booming at the moment and hog roasting is proven to be popular yet again and we are not surprised!

We haven’t stopped!

March 8th, 2013 by Chef and Griddle

Hog roast   have been really busy this week we haven’t stopped! And did our biggest event in our seven -year history just the other day we were catering for one thousand and it went so well. We are extremely proud and we pulled out all the stops at Hog roast hire  and will be remembered fondly in years to come. We were catering for the Boys Brigade Annual event where boys from all over the country gather and special awards are handed out to mark outstanding achievements we were really honoured to be asked to cater and boy did we cook some food! Hog roast   cooked burgers and sausages and we popped them into our beautiful freshly baked buns, lashings of tomatoe sauce and mustard accompanied the sandwiches we also made baked potatoes served with tuna filling, baked bean filling and cheese and onion filling these were gone in literally minutes! Hog roast hire   made a lovely hot tomatoe soup too and the boys loved this too we had a fantastic time and we really excelled we had never catered for that many before and were used to being busy and catering for a few hundred but a thousand was a first for us and it has made us want more big orders! Next week we are off south for a birthday celebration and this customer is becoming a regular as we have now catered for the past five years for this ladies birthday that is when we know we are doing a good job when customers come back to us time and time again, we are more like friends and the guests are always the same we really look forward to her birthday now and are now starting to presume it will be forever we hope! We have now started to make the lady a cake free of charge of course, for being so loyal and we can guarantee we will come back with other orders as we normally do word of mouth and recommendations works wonders for people like us and we are eternally grateful to our loyal customers/friends…

Hog Roast Enquiries

January 27th, 2013 by Chef and Griddle

Today has been a rare day at Chef and Griddle when we have not been out to cater for an event. As we were not out cooking we have been using this day as sort of an admin day to make sure that we answer all of our enquiries as soon as possible.

We have had a vast number of enquiries the past few weeks, ever since we have gone into the new year the phone has not stopped ringing and the web form enquiries have been absolutely flooding in. To make your own enquiry for example a hog roast simply the contact tab on our website and fill in your name, event date, event location, telephone number, email address and which of our menus you would be interested in. It is very important that all of these fields are filled in as it allows us to calculate a much more accurate quote. Some people choose not to add their email address as they don’t want annoying spam emails, we do not send out spam emails just one friendly email to check you have received our menus. Alternatively some people do not like to put their phone number on our enquiry forms because they believe they may receive annoying sales calls, again we simply call to check you have received the menus. It is also helpful to include your phone number on our enquiry forms in case your email address is wrong and we can ring up to double check what it should be.

Once you have sent your enquiry through we will respond with our menus and include the price for that menu on the bottom. As well as the menus you have a price for we will send you along some additional menus we feel may suit your event, we might include something you hadn’t even originally thought of or thought it was something we could not do. Just remember when making your enquiry that Chef and Griddle can do as little or as much for your event as you wish and you need only ask, with a high probability that we can provide the requested service and with a quality to match dedicated event organisers in that particular area.

Hog Roast Christenings

January 26th, 2013 by Chef and Griddle

Welcome back to the Chef and Griddle blog, hopefully you are all inside your homes of your own free will this evening and not as a result of being snowed inside your house, which with the recent weather wouldn’t be completely out of the question.

True to form we have not cancelled any of our recent events due to the weather and we never will. We catered for a hog roast yesterday for a baby’s christening. We provide catering for a lot of hog roast christenings as the hog roast seems to translate well to this sort of occasion. Getting to the event was not an easy task; driving through the snow with our big van full of hog roasting equipment. To ensure we arrived on time we had set off for the event two hours earlier on this occasion. We still managed to arrive with plenty of time to set up our serving station and set the pig cooking. As well as the traditional spit roasted pig, the customer had asked us to dress and serve their desserts and provide staff to man their bar for the party. Providing staff to serve on your bar or on a bar we will supply comes at an additional cost however it is something we can absolutely do.

Whilst the pig was cooking we introduced ourselves to the family whose son was being christened. As the family had a lot of young nephews and nieces they had asked us to provide hot dogs, fried onions and sauces for the children as they though that some of them may not be daring enough to try the hog roast. In  the end only a few children ended up eating the hot dogs as they managed to pluck up the courage to try the pork and seemed to absolutely love it, another few children converted to eating proper food. The dessert the customer had asked us to serve looked absolutely fantastic, it was home made key lime pie that we dressed with cream and then served to guests, in fact the customer gave us a spare pie to bring back and I will hopefully get chance to tuck into it tomorrow.


Snowy Hog Roasts!

January 18th, 2013 by Chef and Griddle

As the working week winds down for most people we at Chef and Griddle are loading up our vans ready for the weekends work hog roasting. The supposed blizzard is apparently nearly on us and we have already had one cancellation due to the weather. For our customers who have stuck to their guns and will be going through with their event are in a for a huge treat. Can you imagine anything better than being outside (or inside) with the snow coming down a hot pork roll in one hand and crispy crackling in the other? We have a very lucky hog roast Benfleet customer who is having freshly made and seasoned mulled wine as well as hot apple juice and cinnamon with their hog roast tomorrow

Today we made a booking for a lovely woman who is having roast chicken as well an afternoon style tea. Roast chicken is fantastic when cooked spit roast style, the smell of slow roasting chicken is hard to beat and it also looks amazing with multiple chickens turning on a spit. To supplement chicken we make freshly made stuffing and tasty gravy using the juices from the chickens. When served into a bread roll with stuffing and drizzled with a bit of the homemade gravy the chicken is exceptional, it falls off the bone without being too greasy. The afternoon style menu is something we do quite often and in this case consists of freshly baked scones, cakes as well as having an urn of tea, coffee and mints that the customers can help themselves too.

With Easter coming up in the next few months we will be very busy at Chef and Griddle and with the coming of spring we will have a fresh batch of nice spring lambs. As brutal as it sounds it will be excellent to have these lambs to stick on our spit roast machines as they are perfect when seasoned with rosemary and herbs and slow cooked to perfection.  These fresh new lambs will also be excellent on our barbecue menus as awesomely tasty lamb kebabs.

Last Minuite Hog Roast

January 17th, 2013 by Chef and Griddle

We have had another busy week this week at Chef and Griddle. The office has been full of enquiries ready for the summer weddings. We have also taken a lot of bookings for the next few months, an example would be a machine hire for the 1st of February. We also had a last minute booking yesterday afternoon for a classic hog roast for today, we quickly checked with our suppliers and they told us it was no problem to have a pig on such short notice. The hog roast Folkestone went as excellently smooth as all of our events, the classic hog roast is a standard hog roast consisting of a whole spit roasted pig with all the lovely crackling that it provides. This is then served into bread rolls and served with apple sauce and stuffing for a fantastic meal.  We arrived onsite six hours before the serve time as the hog roast was for 80 people which requires a 50 – 60 kilo pig and we say that for every 10 kilos an extra hour of cooking time is added.

As the pig was slowly turning and cooking for the whole six hours the smell of the roasting meat was given chance to permeate the venue thankfully we were cooking indoors as it looked like it was threatening to snow all evening and the wind was bitterly cold.

A lot of people enquiring about our services do not realise we can roast indoors but in fact it is not as big a deal as people make it out to be. Our machines are all sealed units which run off gas not coal which produces a cleaner heat without all the smoke, they are all also gas safety certified to show that they do not leak or produce any harmful fumes. In the slightly more confined space the roasting smell was very strong and everyone in attendance was saying how amazing the smell and our catering setup was. The client thanked us heartily as we left because the event was a corporate party hog roast which had to be organised on short notice and that without it their client probably would have ended up eating sandwiches and a bag of crisps.