Hog Roast Preston

Such a phenomenal catering experience can only be created by choosing hog roast Lancashire, with a spit roast serving as a main focal point at your event. It is both extravagant and spectacular, making it very much a talking point of the occasion. There is no finer way to prepare meat anywhere in Garstang, or anywhere else in the country for that matter, with history backing up this claim due to the hog roast’s varied usage through generations of different cultures. If you are looking for a hog roast catering company in Clayton and the surrounding areas then you need look no further than the team at hog roast caterer. The business is filled with experience; a group of people with a flawless reputation who have a genuine passion for quality food and a continued enthusiasm for unwavering success. Within the locality of Austwick, we can provide an impressive banquet that will make a lasting impact at any event or occasion.

The varied array of Hog Roast Preston menus on offer mean that almost any taste or diversity can be catered for. If a hog roast Preston is not to your fancy, or you want more choices from your catering service, then worry not. Range and variation are a very strong part of our repertoire. Many other meat options are able to be flawlessly prepared by an exceptionally capable team. Succulent and juicy, and always roasted to perfection. Other services on offer include an expert barbecue, which can be professionally modified and adapted to meet almost any needs and wishes. Whether you want to push the barriers and try different combinations, or are just after something simple but effective, we can cater for you.

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Whether you are looking for a spectacular way to warm up on a cold December night, or the ultimate way to open your culinary senses on a warm summer evening, you need look no further. We are head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to the ultimate catering experience. Forget the average buffet which passes off at many events without a second thought, seemingly just going through the motions. Why settle for average? Let hog roast caterer raise the bar and create something exciting and memorable that will leave your guests impressed. hog roast caterer stands out from the crowd, so why don’t you?

Sunny Lancashire, home of the brave, is the best place to enjoy a scrumptious hog roast. Crammed full of flavour and sure to delight, there is no finer form of food. From wedding catering to corporate hospitality, our numerous menus and your complete ability to tailor them to your own taste makes us the first and last, the Alpha and Omega, of the pig roast catered event world. Famed for our forward thinking innovation, the home of the industrial revolution is also the home of the hog roast revolution. Stand with us, support the cause!

Ah, Lancashire, how often misunderstood. Seen by many as damp and potentially dreary, the truth of the matter is that, from a food perspective, this fair county has it all. Set amongst the rolling and lush hills are numerous farms and livestock holdings that lead the way in organic orientated farming. Home to many varied species of animals, including lovely deer which yields some of the nicest hog roast, Lancashire boasts all the ingredients that we put to great use. Insisting on only the finest, our close ties with numerous farms allow us to continually impress our clients, whether it’s for a corporate event in Clitheroe or for a rustic barbecue in Gisburn.

Locations we offer our services too: Carnforth, Lancaster, Leyland, Longridge, Lytham St Annes, Morecambe, Nelson, Oswaldtwistle, Padiham, Poulton Le Fylde, Preston, Rawtenstall, Ribchester, Rossendale, Whalley.

With a sense of adventure that was mildly tinged with foreboding, our founder left the beauty of Lancashire 27 years ago in search of hotter climes. Through having a family heritage centred on the pursuit of culinary greatness, the journey away allowed much experience in various cooking methods and styles to be obtained. The concept of the pig roast is an ancient tradition. However, where it is popular in the hills of Bavaria, for example, the people of Britain are all too often satisfied with food of a low standard. Bringing friends together, through the theatre of the spectacle, the great taste and the ability to feed many people, the pig roast was something that our founder had to rejuvenate in the wilds of Lancashire.

Locations we offer our hog roast services too.

Accrington, Bacup, Barnoldswick, Barrowford, Blackburn, Blackpool, hog roast Bolton, Burnley, Chipping, Chorley, Clayton le Moors, Clitheroe, Colne, Darwen, Fleetwood, Great Harwood, Haslingden.

Able to cater for any number of people at any form of event has made us the most versatile and high quality caterer in the county. It is as simple as that. Where other hog roast caterers aim to satisfy huge numbers of people with hastily prepared meals, our stance is the opposite. Allowing for time, we use a process which isn’t rushed at all. Slow roasting creates such tenderness and such taste that our clients are often left speechless. Having worked alongside many of our customers for years, it is clear to see, that in a county where everyone loves his or her food, why we are such a resounding success.

So book us now for your next event and let our co-ordination team remove all the anxieties from your shoulders. With years of experience, we know how to get it right every time. When it comes to a hog roast, why settle for anything less?

The summer is fast approaching and the skies are getting bright, the ghost have gone indoors as there isn’t any night… that you’d rather be indoors, or sat without a smile. So come down with hog caterer, and have a spit roast for a while!

The county of Lancashire formed the centre for what was to become the industrial revolution. As the first nation to industrialise, the region of Lancashire is home to some of the most dense population structures as well as some of the finest transport connections available. Home also to some of the most luscious and sweeping hill orientated topography (with the heavy yet aesthetically stimulating Pennine Hills), the rural areas around Lytham St Annes, Lancaster and Preston are the setting for some lovely farming areas. Symbolised by the sheer amount of farming produce derived from Lancashire, not only are the people of the area most receptive to such classic notions as the spit roast, the quality of ingredients, both as regards animal produce as well as vegetable and salad ingredients, are second to none.

This very day, hog roast Preston stands as the ultimate in bespoke hog and spit roast catering. We love food so much that we adore putting food of such a high standard on people’s plates. The standard of catering, both as regard indoor and outdoor event catering, in the 1980’s (which is when we begun as a company) was absolutely awful. In truth, our bad reputation in Europe as regards the food we ate as a nation had quite a degree of truth attached to it. However, we knew back then what people are only beginning to understand now; that is that Britain and its agricultural and temperate regions contain a huge and diverse range of produce and ingredients, and all that was required was a bit of energy and flair. Adopting the finest and most ancient of cooking methods as regards our whole meat produce was an easy decision for us. After all, when meat is cooked this way there is simply nothing finer out there. Combining it with our passion for all that is culinary, our initial parties in Fleetwood, along with our catered corporate events in Blackpool and as well as our wedding catered functions in Morecambe, we were able to supply a wonderfully theatrical and comprehensive dining experience for many people and at highly competitive prices. As whole animals are much cheaper to buy than fillets and cuts, we were able to pass these savings on to our customers. So not only were we providing them with food that was untouchable by any other caterer, we were also, and are still doing today, able to please their pockets.

Living in Lancashire, its easy to notice that everyone here loves their food. The hog roast Lancashire spectacle not only gives us some traditional based theatrical fun, but also allows us to, once again, taste food as its meant to - available in the form of wedding menus and corporate hospitality menus, we’re ready to your event perfect.