Hog Roast Merseyside

From Garswood to Greasby, here at Hog Roast Merseyside we have been to all corners serving up our fantastic hog roast. There is no better way to commiserate after losing a bet at Aintree than armed with a hog roast sandwich. There is no better feeling than getting to tuck into one of our expertly roasted hog roast sandwiches after you've spent the day with the family at Knowsley Safari Park and the monkey has pulled the windscreen wiper of the car. All you need to relax and make a day even better is Hog Roast Caterer to cater for your event. We pride ourselves in the work we do and the service we provide.

We offer a varying range the highest quality of meats, potatoes, salads, vegetables, canapés, and desserts meaning that they can be mix and matched so that you get the menu that suits you and your event perfectly. From wholesome suppers to the most sophisticated of dinner parties, we can cater for your event no matter what the size and whatever the location.

It really is a no fuss service, from the time we arrive to the time we leave, we'll take care of everything from the cooking to the serving to the tidying away and we provide a friendly team with the qualifications they need and years of experience under their belt so you can be sure that you'll receive the best service. You can also be certain that you'll be eating some delicious food as we know how to cook the hog to perfection to produce the most exquisite of flavors and a texture so tender it'll make you weak at the knees.

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Whether you're having a wedding, a christening, a birthday or a Hog Roast Ormskirk event, you can count on us to impress you're guests and create a vibrant atmosphere as the spectacular site of the pig roasting is a sure thing to get guests talking. We have been part of creating memories that will last forever and we have enjoyed every moment of it.

City of culture, brimful of bustle, this city’s epicentre of quality is situated in our hog roast catering company. Well worth a ferry over the Mersey for. With over two and a half decades in the business of bringing the highest quality food to the tables of our clients, what we don’t know about function catering isn’t worth nicking off a lorry. Having built up a dossier and catalogue of over a thousand catered events, our attention to detail has made us the forerunner in event catering for parties ranging from the A-list to the local and intimate.

Only ever using the most organic and highest quality in all our hog roast meats and vegetables, the food we serve, coupled with our precise service has brought tears of joy to our customers all over the nation. So whether you’re from The Wirral, Prescot or Newton-Le-Williams, make sure you’re next catered event is a clear cut above the rest.

Locations we offer our services too: Newton-Le-Willows, Ormskirk, Prenton, Prescot, Runcorn, Scarisbrick, Caldy, Southport, Speke, St Helens, Wallasey, West Kirby, Widnes, Wirral. Having a philosophy behind our hog roast business was unable to be helped. Our story was one that begun with a desire, a lust, to bring the food we had witnessed abroad, to those within our own land. During a trip abroad, one inspirational hog roast specialist was lucky enough to find himself upon a trail through the wilderness of Africa. The jagged and majestic landscape was the prime setting for his adventure. The midday sun in its endless service, often destructive, to the land below, ensured that he was continually seeking the comfort of the shade. The afternoons allowed him to witness the slow setting of the sun, the giant smouldering fireball that slides its treacle-like way down the sky towards the welcoming horizon. Watching as he sees it disappear, knowing that further on, beyond our gaze, some others may still be awaiting their turn at the spectacle, as the sun slides down still, against a sky which he can no longer see.

Locations we offer our hog roast services too.

Bebington, Birkenhead, Bootle, Bromborough, Skelmersdale, Crosby, Ellesmere Port, Formby, Haydock, Heswall, Hoylake, Kirkby, Liverpool, Neston.

The evening brings solace from the sun, as the darkness of night begins to shuffle towards him. Around the fire we watch, as our Bantu trackers prepare the kill of the day. Here, fresh Wildebeest calf is hung and spread over poles. The locals gorge enthusiastically on the liver, as it is the highly nutritious delicacy of the area. Other members of the party arrange the wood and herbs as the fire is lit and the calf placed onto the spit. Hour follows gentle hour as the evening melts to black, the flames his ever present guardians, warming his skin, cooking his food and keeping predators at bay. As songs are sung and the wine is passed form hand to hand, the chatter of the evening accelerates in pitch alongside the process of the roasting, it does so in correlation.

When plates are filled with the meat of the animal, all fall silent. Each man alone with his single elated thought that accompanies the first glorious mouthful…

Excerpts from the travel diary show you, our customers, the taste that we wished to bring home.

For hog roast passion there is no other. Food to delight the senses, we always offer the best, no less. So toast the hog roast, what you’ll love most, about which we boast.

The standard of the food that is being consumed within Britain, especially in regions such as Merseyside, has been increasing dramatically in many areas of society. With the recent and dramatic rise of the celebrity chef, people all over the United Kingdom, from Birkenhead to Caldy and Heswall to Bebington, have become rapidly more and more aware as regards where their food comes from and how it ought to be prepared. From the seeming dark ages of the 1950’s and 1960’s, the quality of British food has increased in quality almost exponentially. We always, as a nation, had great ingredients. Our history within modern forms of agricultural practices, alongside our long industrial history, has allowed us to excel when it comes to the rearing of produce and the harvesting of top quality salad and vegetable produce. Alongside this, our broad and well focused diversity within the arena of animal produce is second to none. Home to ‘Black’ pigs from Wales, Hereford beef, Aberdeen Angus Beef and sumptuous West Country lamb, the nation of Britain is as well suited to creating sensational food as any other on Earth.

Recognising this was only pat of the reason as to why we began servicing the indoor and outdoor catering needs of those within our beloved hog roast Merseyside. First of all, we love the people in this part of the world, and ever since our initial forays into the arena of catering, in areas such as Crosby, Hoylake and Neston, we were thrilled by both our rapid success and also by the warmth, friendliness and absolute kindness shown by the gracious folk of the area.

We approach the spit roasting and hog parties in a unique way within the United Kingdom. We always knew that the food we could provide at events was impeccably good, but to do so we had to practically re-invent the spit roaster machine units that were available. After initiating our own design and manufacturing program within our own production facility, we were able to grow in such a positive manner. Using all of the events which we cater at as both an arena for which necessary improvements become apparent as well as to test out previous design improvements, we have been able to formulate, today, a range of hog and spit roaster machines which are simply unparalleled anywhere else in the world. Through our brilliant machines, our chefs and service personnel have been able to create some of the most wonderful food in the country; not in restaurants, but out at all of your events! Due to our machines not relying on an electrical supply, they make the use of their 4-wheel mobility combined with their ultra-rugged stainless steel body structure in order to truly go anywhere and cater in a beautiful fashion. Roasting hogs to a sumptuous and golden perfection with persistent ease, they also roast vegetables brilliantly. Providing sheer visual theatre combined with aromas that cannot be overestimated, the tastes that are derived after the cooking process has helped to make us the regions favourite when it comes to eating real food, made by real people and served up with lashings of passion for what we do.