Hog Roast Kent

Kent , sometimes referred to as ' The garden of England' is a area steeped in history, from its battlefields to picturesque hills and valleys its is known throughout the country as a place of reserved tranquillity . Areas of interest include the Bluewater shopping centre with its own Cinema to the relaxing atmosphere of Swanley . The county really has something for anyone.

Being just a hours drive away from the centre and its famous areas your never far away from the city life but within easy reach of quiet towns and villages such as Saint Mary Cray

If you live in the area and have a Wedding, Birthday , corporate event or other social gathering why not mark that special occasion by ordering one of our delicious Hog Roasts? With a range of four top notch menus to chose from there is certainly something for everyone, just like county of Kent itself!

Private Party Menus
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If you are planning a Wedding or civil partnerships we also offer the choices of a Wedding breakfast and dessert everyone attending your special day will also the choice of having two Hog Roast Kent roasts , great to think that as you walk down the aisle you will be safe in the knowledge that after you have exchanged you vows all your guests will have great food to eat. One less thing to worry about as you make your pans for you big day!

Its not only Weddings that we cater for though, if you or a member of your family is celebrating a Birthday soon we can also cater for that, with a wide range of entrees from canopes to homemade sauces we offer the most complimentary finishes to any dish on offer.

Our Hog Roast Kent range include Pork, Chicken, , beef, lamb, and even a vegetarian option there really is something for everyone . What ever the occasion , what ever the event you know that you will have food on offer that will be enjoyed by all who attend!

From Dartford to Beckenham you’ll surely agree, that to refuse our hog roast means you’re out of your tree. Literally.

Embarking on a culinary journey through time and space over two and half decades ago, we have always operated with the determination shown by the British pilots during the Battle of Britain, above our very own white cliffs. Meeting every culinary challenge head on and without shirking from the most stringent and exacting of demands, we have fought the battle against the compromise on quality on the beaches, on the heath land and in the trenches that lead many of our competitors to failure.

Locations we offer our services too: Ramsgate, Rochester, Sandwich, Sevenoaks, Sidcup, Sittingbourne, Dartford, Staplehurst, Swanley, Swanscombe, Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells, Wadhurst, Whitstable.

With our insistence on providing an array of hog roast kent menu options comprising of the most insanely natural and organic produce, our team of food officers (chefs) have patrolled the earth, conducting a prolonged and hazardous scouting mission with the aim of ascertaining new knowledge and hidden skills in the sphere of food preparation. Having conducted numerous reconnaissance undertakings in some of the worlds most exotic and inhospitable locations, the food orientated intelligence that our hog roast food officers have acquired has helped to make them the field marshals of their trade.

During a posting to Malaya, our chefs observed how locals allowed various meats to hang in order to mature. During this time, the local inhabitants would gently smoke the meat using various woods and herbs. The variety of approaches experienced here really highlighted to us the necessity for which innovation and experiment play a positive role. Bringing this back whilst navigating (successfully might I add) the minefield of failure and over ambition, we were able to apply many of these methods right through our culinary range; from canapé to main course. Especially wondrous with fishes such as rainbow trout, gentle herb smoking has become a favourite of our customers.

Locations we offer our hog roast services too.

Ashford, Broadstairs, Canterbury, Chatham, Chislehurst, Cranbrook, Southborough, Deal, Dover, Faversham, Folkestone, Gillingham, Gravesend, Herne Bay, Hildenborough, Hythe, Maidstone, Margate, Orpington.

During a tour of South America, another of our culinary squadron leaders observed, from a good vantage point, how the indigenous population used various teas to produce exemplary condiments. Taking note of this and withdrawing into home territory, he honed and experimented with such distillates. The unintended outcome of such a clandestine mission was to produce a new and prolific addition to our armoury. A weapon of immense secrecy (brilliant when integrated with our bullet-proof patented hog roast machines), he had stumbled across a recipe to make our crackling even better.

Through such missions, over time, the menu options we have been able to provide with our pig roasts have allowed us to approach any and every event, whether for wedding catering or birthday catering, with supreme confidence in our abilities. With much emphasis on hearts and minds, it is not surprising that many of our events have ended with many lasting friendships.

Using each event in order to better the next, has, over our 20 years of operations, made us the leading name in event catering. Unable to be content with the inaccurate, one size fits all, hog roast approach that our competitors use, we ensure that every pig roast catered event is tailored to your needs. Utilizing an efficient command structure, precision is our goal, a goal which we score every time.

Your hog roast kent event is our parade ground, your hog roast our drill sergeant. See how beautiful he looks, enjoy how beautiful he tastes.

Kent, as a county, forms one of the most interesting regions of the British Isles. Much loved by us, its wonderful history and tradition loving people have helped to make our job both rewarding and enjoyable. With the motto ‘Invicta,’ the county of Kent, through history, stands as brave, tough and hardy as our hog roaster machines. Crucial in providing ships for wars, and always the first to get hit when it came to be on the receiving end of our European conflicts, the region in which Kent so proudly sits is home to a backbone of strength that symbolises both Britain and our lovely spit roasting machine units.

Our hog and spit roast catering service has been going for just about two decades now. From relatively humble beginnings, it has grown and grown over the past twenty years into the market leader. Believing in absolute quality as regards our food, we never send food out which we wouldn’t eat ourselves, and we are self professed ‘foodies’ of the highest order. This was the reason why we started with such a focus on the hog roast, pure and simple; there is no finer taste out there.

Sourcing lovely produce locally (believe us, the name of ‘The Garden of England’ which Kent so graciously has, is by no means a falsity) our menus have managed to allow us to attain the highest and greatest of reputations. With such fantastic vegetables and salad ingredients grown all around us, we have been able to provide the people of Kent with food that is mind blowing. Our hogs come whole, allowing for the most wonderful transformations to take pace in front of the very eyes of our customers. Arriving on site up to seven hours before service, we insist on cooking everything from scratch and all our meat products from their raw state. Giving the best flavour, this also allows for a wonderfully theatrical scene to envelop your party or function. Our machines allow for unprecedented viewing access so that everyone can observe their hogs turning golden, with the crackling forming very slowly and, thus, thickly. The smells that are generated throughout this process cannot even be described; they are awe-inspiring. Able to flame roast a whole host of other animals, our spit roast catered events allow us to cater for huge numbers of people (literally thousands in many cases) with food that is restaurant beating.

With meat that literally falls apart (due to the self-basting nature of spit roast roasting), we combine it with our celebrated salad and vegetable options in order to create a dining experience that you will never forget, from Dartford to Sevenoaks, to Tunbridge Wells. Coupled with our fantastically well trained and personable staff, we always push the boundaries to make sure that your event stands out, for all of the right reasons.

So whether it s a garden party, a corporate function or a wedding party that you desire catering for, if you go with Hog Roast Caterer, it will be beyond a cut above.