Isle of Wight

The Isle of Wight is home to one of England's most famous Music Festivals spanning over half of a century it has played host to everyone from Jimi Hendrix to Oasis and all in between this small isle has gained a reputation to 'The place to be' to see the top acts of the day performing live , but that isn't its only claim to fame , the picturesque beaches and Tea Rooms attract visitors the World over throughout the year but they never lose their charm no matter how many people walk through their doors or leave footprints in the sand.

If you are planning a Corporate event, Birthday , Wedding or Civil partnership we can bring a little bit of the Festival atmosphere to it with a spit Roast , slowly roasted , your guests can watch their food cooked right in front of them the succulent meats (and vegetarian option!) can be the main stage event to the big event to finish your big day . Our teams of caterers of years of experience so they really know how to get the party started , that little bit extra X Factor as your gests watch them hard at work preparing your food.

Its not only parties that we cater for we can also offer Corporate events and occasions the opportunity to have a hog roast so whether you are celebrating 'That big order' or the retirement of a long term employee you know your guests will have a wide range of food to chose from as we also offer a wide range of side dishes from home made sauces to canopes , breakfast meals and desserts .

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So if you want to get your event a rocking start then spit roasts will always strike the right chord with your guests ! The stage is set for a great day when you book a Hog Roast Centre Spit Roast with the delicious foods on offer you will feel like a Rock Star ! So get in touch with us and we will organise the 'feastival' !

The blessed isle has a hidden gem, set in the heart of the region one can find a splendid hog roast event establishment, Hog Roast Isle Of Wight!

Hidden in the middle of the ocean, the gracious little Isle has all that anyone could ever want. Access to some of the world’s finest ingredients is never an issue for us. Having dominated the business for almost forty years, our extensive collection of organic producers all over the world allow us to continually provide our customers the best when it comes to top notch cuisine. So weather you’re an ‘overner’ or a ‘caulkhead,’ you’ll never be disappointed by our perpetual ability to furnish your plates with hog roast food only otherwise found in the most reputable of restaurants.

Locations we offer our services too: Bembridge, Brading, Brighstone, Cowes, Freshwater, Ryde, Sandown, Shanklin, Totland, Ventnor, Wroxall.

Founded on a principle of love, our ethos has always been to love our food. With this added love as the main added ingredient, of which of course true love can never be artificial, our end products are simply incomparable with those of our competitors. Taking time to explore the world of food has been a highly enlightening journey. From the hills of India we returned with a superior knowledge of spices. Whilst here, it was great to see how such emphasis was placed on preparation. In the mountainous regions, many of the ingredients used had come on long journeys to get to their respective destinations. Due to this, the folk there utilize ancient craft like skills when it comes to seasoning and marinating.

Due to their honed skills in this area, food made with seemingly inferior ingredients ends up being tasty and palatable. On return to Isle of Wight those many years ago, we quickly found that following the guidelines illustrated by the Himalayan Indians allowed our organic, first rate ingredients to truly shine. Today, these influences are still visible in our range of extensive menus. With a seeming infinite amount of choice as to preparation, such as our home-made cider which can be injected into the pork before ‘spitting,’ our customers can expect to have a culinary experience like none they have ever tasted.

Our hog roast Isle of Wight event co-ordination team has been, over the years, the recipients of numerous awards due to their attention to detail. Taking any seeming difficulty in their stride, our illustrious team has made thousands of catered events, including celebrity wedding catered events, truly memorable. Entrenched in the hearts of many of our customers, we have always maintained a tiny presence there. And with love at the core of our ethos, it is with the heart that we cook, we cater and we care.

The design and construction of our own pig roast, spit roast and hog roaster machines has allowed to underline our commitment to versatility. For the first time, due to our superior construction methods and use of space age materials, we have been able to wow and stun the masses at indoor and outdoor events alike.

The taste of a hog roast is exceptional, the visual display astounding. Organization like you’ve never seen, we’ll take your taste buds where they’ve never been. A hog roast with us will mark the dawn of a new era, for you, you’re friends and even your aunt Vera. Locations we offer our hog roast services too.

Alum Bay, Arreton, Atherfield, Bonchurch, Bowcombe, Branstone, Brightstone Bay, Calbourne, Chale, Chillerton, Egypt Point, Fishbourne, Gatcombe, Godshill, Gurnard, Havenstreet, Limerstone, Merstone, Needles, nettlestone, Newport, Ningwood, Niton, Northwood, Osborne, Pondwell, Rew Street, Rookley, Seaview, Shalfleet, Shorwell, St Catherines Down, Thorley, Whippingham, Wootton Bridge, Yafford, Yarbridge, Yarmouth, Yaverland.