Hog roast Inverness

The region and surrounding areas of Inverness form the most ideal and stunning backdrop for the perfect hog and spit roast catered event. From the Firths which surround the seas-side areas of Inverness, there is such great and un-interrupted beauty. As the founder of Gordonstoun School, which is situated on the nearby Moray Firth, shows in his many of his writings, the beauty and the rugged nature are instilled with the people. Our vast and varied hog roasted and spit roasted catered events have taken us all over this fabulous region – allowing us to cater for events which are as varied and diverse as the landscapes which percolate through the locality of the areas which are in and around the Inverness area.

Our hog roast Inverness experience and decades in the trade of hog and spit roasting ensure that our clients get the most stunning food possible at their events. By utilising the best and finest cooking method, which is of course the sloe flame roasted method, we serve up meat which is beyond what any restaurant or conventional catering establishment can give. By slow roasting whole meats, the carcass of the animal can naturally baste. Whilst this is happening, the aromas and smells which dissipate and spread in and around the ambient air of your guests fills the room with tangible anticipation. On eating the food, it is not un-common for people to exclaim with delight and joy – as meat simply does not taste this good anywhere else. Along with the meats which we serve, we also serve a range of marvellously sourced peripheral dishes which will have your granny from Lossiemouth grinning with pride!

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Our private hog roast Edinburgh functions have been a real joy to many all over Inverness. Sports gatherings in Forres and other such areas have really allowed us to show the whole area what we're all about; which is restaurant-destroying food available anywhere our customers like. By eating whole meats, we drastically cut down on costs, which is yet another reason to ditch the cuisine of the restaurant and have an event with us. We also offer a hire service in the Inverness area – truly allowing everyone to get properly involved.

The blessed kingdom of Scotland is home to a host of rare beauties. With such a long, passionate and at times very elegant history, Scotland has been highly receptive to the unique cuisine that Hog Roast Caterer offers them. For many centuries the people of Scotland have fought many battles for their right to live freely. We have become one with the beautiful and completely unique landscape that surrounds us. Where the masculine beauty of the Western Isles meets the steely look in the fisherman’s eye, to the rolling luscious hills of Perthshire that are reflected in the radiant beauty of the highland girl dancing her lonesome yet graceful jig, the country of Scotland is as traditional – and therefore as well acquainted with the importance of history, as any nation upon this Earth. Through this natural relationship between the people and their appreciation of the history that surrounds them, the classic and traditionally authentic form of cuisine that we have been gracing the tables and plates of the people of Scotland with over the last twenty years has become the finest fare available at your next party or function.

Locations we offer our services too: Arbroath, Brechin, Carnoustie, Coupar Angus, hog roast Dundee, Forfar, Kirriemuir, Monifieth, Montrose, Dunoon, Oban, Dirleton, Dunbar, Haddington, Humbie, North Berwick, Lothian, Tranent, Bonnyrigg, Broxburn, Dalkeith, hog roast Edinburgh.

The hog or spit roast is as traditional as it comes. Over the course of human history, this method of cooking is a universal one, as it has been employed the world over, although at perhaps different stages of history. As a method of cooking and preparing meat, there is no finer way at all. Absolutely none. So whether you’re in Tannadice or Ballachulish, Inverary or Insh, going with us at your next catering event is a big step forward. Allowing the creatures to baste in their own juices, our expert seasonings help this process to create taste sensations that are simply astronomical. As an example of the past teaching the present and the future; there is no finer example. As although we progress in so many different ways, with the majority of the time finding improvements within the realms of quality and efficiency, it appears that the preparation and cooking of meats is different. With the hog or spit roast, the meat is flame roasted slowly in its own juices. This timely process, taking over six hours to cook a large pig, allows the caterers to prepare the necessary accompanying dishes. While the meat is roasting it gives off an aroma that has to be smelled to be believed, it is that good. During this time, through the use of our very own designed and manufacture hog roasting machines, the guest can freely view the hog turning towards that delicious golden crispness that has come to symbolise the flame roasted hog. Always a spectacle, there are few thing that food lovers enjoy witnessing than this; especially as the aromas continually add to the heightened expectations of the enthralled viewers, onlookers and guests.

Areas we offer hog roast Inverness services.
Gorebridge, Loanhead, Musselburgh, Penicuik, Bathgate, Kirkliston, Linlithgow, Livingston, Queensferry, Burntisland, Cowdenbeath, Cupar, Dunfermline, Fife, Glenrothes, Inverkeithing, Kirkcaldy, Rosyth, St Andrews, Alness, Aviemore, Dingwall, Invergordon, Inverness, Tain, Banchory, Stonehaven, Ballingry, Kinross.

Far from our humble beginnings, we now operate a fully comprehensive service which caters for private parties and functions, wedding catering and corporate hospitality hog roast catered events.

Our private party functions have been some of our most memorable, as the true splendour of a hog roast needs very little embellishment. As with our ‘Menu 1’ option, where the spit roasted hog is accompanied by home made and floured bread rolls, home made stuffing along with our special apple sauce recipe, summertime garden parties are transformed into all out orgies of food orientated pleasure. Like our recent parties in Kingussie, Edzell and Auchtermuchty, our guests simply adore such simplicity of service when it is combined with a standard of food that completely obliterates the restaurant standard, every single time.

Of course, our menus get more intricate should you wish them to, as our fully qualified chefs relish the opportunity of flourishing your party or private functions not only with beautifully spitted pigs, lambs, chickens, turkey or beef, but also with their exceptional standard of side dishes and seasonal accompaniments. Masters of their trade, why not let them tackle your private party, whether its in Kincardine, Lothian or Glamis.

Our corporate hospitality menus incorporate the usage of our events organisation team. These people ensure that all aspects of your catered event are conducted with the effortless ease that has come to symbolise the way in which we operate. As everyone, from chef through to serving assistant, is an integral part of our large family orientated team, each and every person is confident enough in their own knowledge of the produce, cooking methods and serving schedules to be both highly productive and exceptionally amiable. In corporate hospitality situations, the right atmosphere can be highly conducive to the right result becoming the product of the meeting. Our corporate customers have come to know and trust in our ability to not only supply restaurant smashing food, but also our ability to master the arena of service, allowing for the smoothest of running within the corporate meeting and atmosphere.

Our wedding catering features our most intricate and delicate balances of flavours we have in our extensive armoury of culinary produce. Having the ability to roast, indoor or outdoor, a variety of fresh meats, we consistently succeed in providing the splendour, decadence and quantitative power of whole spit-roasted animals alongside the exceptionally delicate and seasonally sourced vegetable ad salad options. As well as our exotic barbecued meats that are intertwined with the most beautiful of dressings, our freshly prepared canapés have proved to be a favourite of our extensive customer base. Understanding the sheer importance that is embodied within the wedding itself, and therefore its importance the two people directly involved in the ceremony along with all the family and friends, has allowed us to more than exceed our clients expectations. The standard of service is second to none, and the food itself just cannot be beaten, e are confident of this. As when meat is prepared in a way that is both sumptuous and subtle in its theatre, the scope for brilliance is huge.

So wherever you are in Invernesshire, don’t settle for anything but the best this year at your hog roast catered event.