Hog Roast Hampshire

When you think of Hampshire, you think of a rich cultural heritage, unspoilt countryside surroundings mixed with its vibrant cities and beautiful coastlines. There is also something else you can add to that list, as what we provide at Hog Roast Hampshire is proving to be just as popular to the people of this magnificent county as anything else it has to offer.

For many many years, we at Hog Roast Hampshire have been providing quality hog roasts catering to people all across the area. There is something about watching as one of our locally produced pigs is slowly roasted over a fantastic hog roast machine in one of Hampshire’s numerous beautiful surroundings that have made us one of the top outdoor catering services you can find. We have even catered for members of the Royal family at their events, which only goes to show what a first rate service we provide.

We understand the need for absolute perfection when it comes to organising an Hog Roast Fareham outdoor event. Which is why we promise that every single aspect of our hog roast Hampshire service will be of the highest quality, from our delicious organic food which we use for all of out events to making sure our staff offer you the highest professional service. We promise we will strive to make sure your event will run as smoothly as possible and always aim for perfection. Add this to the fact many of our events are held in the truly stunning Hampshire surroundings, it is not hard to see why our hog roast service have become so popular with the great people of this county.

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We offer this fantastic Hog Roast Gosport service to you in a number of ways, be it a wedding with an almost obscene amount of people attending, to the smallest private function, it does not matter to us. No matter what the size, we provide the same quality service to your guests and do all we can to make sure your event or party is a massive success, which is why Hog roast Caterer Hampshire is one of the best outdoor catering services you will find.

It is true, in Hertford, Hereford and Hampshire, Hurricanes Hardly Happen, however, that is not the case of the Hog Roast. In this county the Hog Roast is as loved as much as thriftiness is practiced in Yorkshire. Yet there is pain. We see so many people making a mess of this glorious practice. Don’t let other firms cremate, let us show you what’s great!

A beautiful history is what this process has. The slow roast over dancing flames, not pressed for time, simply letting the good times roll while you sup with friends, share a joke and let your stress melt away. The burden of meticulous event organization is where we excel, so relax. Having many decades experience in the field of event management, it is our main principle when approaching each and every new event with the same ethos and core values. The heart of our approach lies in taking your fears, worries and stresses away. With a history in providing Royal households with catering events, which we still do from time to time, we completely understand the necessity for perfection. Second rate is not acceptable and we could never take pride in a venture which did not thrill our clients. Equally, we appreciate the beauty of informality. The garden parties whose freedom and ease tend to often mask, as the way it should be, the organization that was vested in it. This effort in order to make look effortless is what we continually strive for. Quality is always at the crux of our hog roast operations.

Like those whose brilliant history shares the land of this region with us, it is of prime importance to us to regard history in our efforts to progress. Thus, as the budding author will beautifully observe and learn from the pen of Dickens (whom originated from Portsmouth), so do we keep our heritage in mind whilst we infuse new and exotic styles into our comprehensive menus. The fact that we never take an eye off our hog roast past (how could we with the landscape so ripe) allows us to never over complicate things, as often the organic ingredients (which ALL of ours are) have the greatest capacity to speak for themselves, without much complication.

Locations we offer our services too: Lymington, Alresford, Andover, Barton on Sea, Basingstoke, Bordon, Eastleigh, hog roast Fareham, Farnborough, Fleet, Fordingbridge, hog roast Gosport, Hartley Wintney, Havant, Hayling Island, Hook, Kingsclere, Lee on the Solent, Liphook, Liss, Aldershot.

Just like Henry VIII’s Hurst Castle (but unlike his wives) the pig roast machines which we manufacture are built to last. Fashioned and crafted from the highest quality steels and milled using the most modern techniques, we have succeeded where many have failed. Our emission free running and hygienic operating systems make indoor use a doddle. CE markation allows you, the customer, to feel completely secure in the knowledge that your purchase is truly an investment and if its commercial use, then all the more so. The lie of the land, from Whitchurch to Southsea, belies all that is great in our past. An event with us may pave the way for the future, whether wedding or birthday or anniversary. Let us join in a hog roast union, arm in arm, together building a brighter future.

Locations we offer our hog roast hampshire services too.

Lyndhurst, New Milton, North Baddesley, Ringwood, Old Basing, Petersfield, Portchester, Portsmouth, Romsey, Southampton, Southsea, Tadley, Tidworth, Totton, Waterlooville, Whitchurch, Winchester, Yateley.

There are many ways in which we can all enjoy our food. Whether you’re having a private function in Aldershot or Portsmouth, or dining within the finest restaurants amidst the centres of Southampton or Ringwood, there are many ways in which great food can be tasted. However, as a company, we were astonished at the lack of quality available within the catered event sphere of food quality.

Our company dates back to the early 1980’s. Back then, our hog roast Hampshire founders believed in having lots of fun and did this most often via surfing holidays. Committed to travelling far and wide in order to find the best ‘surf’ these guys managed to travel extensively, eat great food and attend many catered parties. It was home in England, however, that our founders were appalled to note how awful the event catering was. The people of the country, from Andover to Eastleigh, were being subjected to both extortionate prices and pitifully poor food. To us, that simply wouldn’t do. In order to counter this, we decided to take notice of all that we had learnt during our extensive travels. Through this, we adopted a hog and spit roast machine design that was Australian in its origins. Due to being exceptionally handy with power-tools and having a sound collective knowledge of engineering, we were rapidly able to improve upon the machine’s very mediocre design and construction properties. Due to the machine having many problems at the outset, our initial forays into the vastness that was, and is, hog and spit roast event catering, we found that there were numerous difficulties.

Today, Hog Roast Caterer Hampshire sits at the top as regards event catering. Just as we overcame our technical issues in at the outset of our company, today we run our own production facility. Here, our very own in-house designed and manufactured hog and spit roast machines boast decades of design improvement through our broad experience acumen. Utilising laser tooling and ultra-tough stainless steels, our spit and hog roasting machines have redefined our catering services, allowing us to get to any location and to perfectly roast a huge array of meats as well as beautifully seasoned vegetables. Not needing electricity, our machines make the most of their rugged design and pneumatic wheels in order to truly become able to get anywhere. So whether you want your catering in an open glade, on a beach or even on the back of a boat, you can rest assured that, to us, anywhere is within our grasp.

We offer bespoke hog and spit roast catering in three guises. These are wedding catering, party and private function catering and corporate hospitality catering. Breaking our services into three sections helps to make things easier for you, particularly when navigating our website. So irrespective of location, from weddings in Andover, parties in Eastleigh, corporate hospitality functions in Farnborough or a wonderful garden party in Winchester, we will cater to your specific needs. Check out our manus and feel free to tailor them as you wish. With everything waiting that can make your catering dream come true, all you have to do is make the call.