Hog Roast Cheshire

The Hog Roast has become a fundamental practice at parties and special occasions across the country over many years, with Cheshire and its surrounding areas no different. Tattenhall continues to be a mainstay for British tradition from top quality produce to majestic buildings, and Hog Roast Cheshire provides a service to match. Making use of the array of quality produce in Cheshire, hog roast Chester are sure to use only the finest fresh ingredients to make your experience the best it can possibly be. A hog roast is equally spectacular as it is practical.

Displaying a whole pig to carve before your guests is an extravagant party piece, as well as providing a mouth-watering and satisfying meal. No business in Mobberley will give a better hog roasting experience than hog roast caterer. Few will sources their produce as locally, making sure superiority is primary, every single time. We can give a sense of tradition that is unlikely to be rivalled through other forms of catering, and the service provided by hog roast caterer gives not only a unique atmosphere but a superior way of preparing meat. Dating back way beyond these modern times through a number of different cultures, the hog roast is far from a new idea, but is a concept that has been tailored and tweaked through time.

Our hog roast hire cheshire service is always impressive, and modern in a way that tradition cannot be beaten. So, for catering to subtly impose upon an event can often be a tough balancing act, but we give a blend of heritage and exclusivity for catered occasions such as weddings, garden functions and corporate events. Our hog roast doesn’t just taste exquisite, but also dazzles with its unique appearance. Dedicated, hard-working and friendly staff are always on hand, no matter what part of the complex and variable service you may need help with. Style and professionalism is the name of the game. A Hog Roast is guaranteed to make a lasting visual impression, and offers versatility and diversity. In catering today, the hog roast is swiftly imposing itself on many events throughout the region.

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Cheshire boasts some of England’s finest, from stately homes to natural produce, and Hog Roast Cheshire is no exception.

From small beginnings in Marple Bridge, the story of our existence is a colourful one. Through our family run set-up, the pursuit of culinary perfection was always a priority, as food and the wonder of it is in our blood. Whilst attending catered events in areas such as Hale and Alderley Edge, we were continually amazed by the grandeur of the locations, but never by the quality of the food. With many people, including our friends, often reflecting the line that ‘these large Hog Roast Warrington parties never have good food, but it’s a laugh anyway,’ we became more and more aware that expectations may have facilitated the complacency on behalf of hog roast caterers throughout the region.

Believing in quality and variety of a hog roaster, we began our catering events aspect of our business with what we love at its core; the Pig Roast. Being able to utilise all varieties of meats, from Pork and Lamb, through to Venison and Ostrich, the spit roasting process, when coupled with organic produce and ingredients sourced ethically (which is something we demand 100%, whether with our meat products or our vegetable and salad elements), provides the finest taste and the most exciting of eating. Undeterred by the potential difficulties of a hog roast, such as the lack of adequate machinery present at the time, we continued regardless, as desire to put real quality on our customers plates was, and is, far more important than the potential difficulties associated with logistics.

Building up a strong partnership with local butchers and farmers, our enterprise blossomed, built on the solid foundations of positive customer feedback, with our customers fast becoming our friends. With our customers including professional footballers, celebrity chefs and avid locals, the necessity for perfection and our drive to deliver it, allows us to work far more effectively; as we take real pride in the cuisine that we offer. It is second to none.

Locations we offer our services too: Alderley Edge, Altrincham, Barnton, Bollington, Broughton, Buckley, hog roast Chester, Congleton, Crewe, Didsbury, Disley, Dukinfield , Flint, Frodsham, Gresford, Hale, Handforth, Haslington, Helsby, Holmes Chapel, Knutsford, , Lymm, Macclesfield, Malpas, Marple, Middlewich, Mold, hog roast Warrington.

Our hog roast cheshire event management team ensure that all aspects of your event run smoothly. A capable, dynamic and friendly group, they centre their operations on making your life as stress free as possible. With many events catered for, and a glossary of positive and constructive feedback, we are proud to showcase a catering experience that is simply unavailable anywhere else is the region.

Locations we offer our hog roast services too.

Northop, Northwich, Poynton, Prestbury, Sandbach, Stalybridge, Tarporley, Timperley, Nantwich, Weaverham, Whitchurch, Willaston, Wilmslow, Winsford, Wrexham.

Through our exacting and high standards in the realm of hog roasting catering, we also design and manufacture our own hog roaster machines. Built by experienced engineers and technicians from the highest grade stainless steels, utilising laser cutting and seam sealed bonding, we once again outstripped our competitors, purely through our desire to provide our customers with the best and to allow us to take pride in our family run enterprises. Our hog roast machines laughingly exceed marking requirements such as that of CE, allowing us to give everyone of our wide range of machines a years warranty, secure in the knowledge that you won’t need it. Through manufacturing our own range of products locally and to the highest specifications, all of our pig roasting machines are available for hire. Being highly economically reasonable due to the lack of event management and ingredients (though we can provide the meat at an additional cost), this popular service allows everyone to get to grips with an ancient cooking process. Hog Roast catering; redefined.

The glory of the hog roast is something to behold. It is something that everyone should experience at least once in their lives, as it the finest way to prepare meat. Dating back to before the times of modern humanity, the method of roasting meat over dancing flames has been honed for millennia. From indigenous tribes from the hinterland of Africa through to the native American-Indians of the plains of what is now the USA, the concept of the hog and spit roast is by no means new. Au contraire, this method is the king of cooking styles, the emperor of the food preparation world. When the future holds promise of progress and it is the role of the present to find it in good time, the past sometimes yields what tomorrow cannot; in this case it is the method of the spit and hog roast. It cannot be beaten and history has shown us this.

Utilising our own initiative as regards the engineering facet of our illustrious trade, we have been able, over the past 20 years, to gain the ability to truly cater in any location and at any time of the day. Our machines not only boast superlative amounts of endurance and cooing strength, but they also have the ability to go anywhere due to their exceptional steering system which is intertwined with four metal wheels clad in pneumatic tyres. Designed with being robust in mind, we know that we can cater at any location you wish, and believe us, we’ve catered at some ‘unusual’ locations.

For a more sober thought, why not regard our past in terms of the hog and spit roast catered events that we have lovingly conducted. From garden functions in Frodsham, through to executive corporate functions in Chester as well as wedding catered events in Warrington, we have built up a huge portfolio of events that have all been successful.

Where a wedding is a pure symbol of love, a seal through which the sentiments and lives of two people whom feel an exceptional amount of love for each other may be enacted formally, in the eyes of both God and family, we believe that catering at such events needs to be absolutely perfect. Where our party menus show large amounts of complexity as regards ingredient choice and their concoctions, the wedding menus we create are true expressions of artistic talent combined with exceptional skill as regards the depth of flavour. With service that runs like clockwork, our guests are forever complimenting us on how dedicated and enthusiastic our staff are. As we are a big family here at Hog Roast Caterer, we find it hard to understand anything but the strive for perfection, anything but the pursuit of greatness.

As is the case with our extensive and focused approach towards corporate hospitality menus. Where service is key we offer decisive and confident friendliness. Where quality is concerned we offer first rate ingredients prepared by exceptional chefs in a time forged manner. Where your event is concerned, we represent the only choice you need to make.