Hog Roast Berkshire

The historic county of Berkshire is often referred to as the Royal County of Berkshire because of the presence of the royal residence in the county, takes great delight in its hog roasts. Summer parties here are agog with families and friends gathering together for a sumptuous mean of a well-roasted hog. Hog Roast Berkshire party eat your heart out with a super succulent pig roast.

Indeed, the hog roast is a real focal point for many in the area and, giving their functions that all important Wow factor. When only the best will do, it is time to experience the Hog Roast Berkshire service. We understand London and its surrounding counties better than most – we understand the discerning and multi-ethnic food taste of the people of one of the world’s most sophisticated cities.

Our exquisite, prime-cuts, always a hit with our old and new customers, combined with our unbeatable service and prices has won many a heart and a loyal following across the UK. Our top quality succulent pork cooked fresh before our customers’ eyes and at their locations is ideal for corporate events, fetes, weddings, parties, charity events, Christmas parties, bonfire night, Halloween, christenings in fact for any function where you want to add that little extra something.

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Our cooking is not just limited to pork but we also offer some extraordinarily delectable servings of lamb, turkey and beef. All our meat is accompanied by delicious salads, a selection of bread and hot jacket potatoes. For even more variety, we offer kebabs, sausage, and spareribs. We have an assortment of sides and desserts to complement any choice made from our menus. Most importantly, we are affordable. Our hog roast Berkshire planners will work with you to plan a tasty meal that remains within your budget.

Choosing the Hog Roast Caterer gives you complete satisfaction and you can rest assured that on your event we only use the finest and freshest ingredients. When it comes to the pork we are extremely picky making sure that we only use farm assured local pigs. We are a member of the nationwide catering association and ensure all our staff have full food and safety hygiene certificates. We like to do things properly here at Hog Roast Caterer and that includes preparing all your food fresh on sight on the day of your event, right in front of your eyes.

Locations we offer our services too: Slough, Sunningdale, Sunninghill, Windsor, Tilehurst, Twyford, Thatcham, Wokingham.

Our journey along the road of Hog Roast catered events began a long time ago. From a simple thought in an Ascot pub beer garden, our founders, over 22 years ago, made it their goal to bring Berkshire to the forefront in the arena of catered events. Already having an avid love affair with top notch cuisine, as a company we evolved to such a degree, that now, there are many strings to our culinary bow.

Well aware that England houses some of the finest ingredients in the world (we actually have more varieties of cheese than the French!), it was a ‘no-brainer’ for us to always source our products locally. Having had vast experience in various sectors of high class food preparation and hog roast catering world over, the gap in the UK market for high quality pig roast catered cuisine, both set within traditional and contemporary menus, was visibly inherently lacking. With the highest regard as to excellence in our ingredients, we initiated the pig roasted events set up which now exists as Hog Roast Caterer Berkshire.

Giving our clients the widest range of choice available in our hog roast menus (which can all be further tailored by consultation with our events team) gives us pleasure, as it allows our clients to enjoy their event to the full. Alongside our 100% organic, free range and ethically obtained lamb, turkey, chicken, beef and pigs, we can source, roast and carve other exotic specimens, such as Hartebeest and Thompsons Gazelle. Our vegetables and salad elements combine the worldly wide subtlety of varied dressings and seasoning styles with the earthy, hearty wonderment of being British and being sourced 100% organically. As a dual pronged approach to total catering, our food prowess is conjoined to our celebrated team of catering managers. This dynamic bunch utilise supreme organisation and friendly, engaging service in order to bring you, as our client, the ultimate dining experience at your chosen event, irrespective of size or type of venue.

In tandem with our hog roast catering element of our illustrious enterprise, we also excel in the field of manufacture. Our engineers bring their technical race knowledge from Donnington and apply it to our construction processes. With laser toolling and cutting mechanisms, we have successfully designed and made Britains premier hog roasting machines. Making the most of super-tough stainless steel, combined with laser precision, our seam sealed bonding techniques have allowed us to blend effortless style with colossal durability. Whilst being practically indestructible, these machines, through weight saving space frame technology, allow for supreme durability. With a range that appeals to all budgets and needs (from the avid ‘barbecueist’ to the heavy duty regular users synonymous with commercial customers), our machines continue to dominate. Combining crucial field experience with design innovation has kept us a t the forefront. Enter our manufacturing showroom to see British engineering at its best.

Locations we offer our hog roast services too.

Ascot, Bracknell, Caversham, Crowthorne, Earley, Englefield Green, Hungerford, Maidenhead, Newbury, Reading, Ruscombe, Sandhurst.

Our hog roast hire service provides our customer with yet another avenue of choice. As we manufacture our own products, from design conception to the stunning finished product, we can offer this service. Having the chance to see it from the caterers side is both fantastic fun and highly beneficial to our customers, as it provides a cheaper option and a way of getting involved. Our hog roast services have made us well known amongst locals and celebrities alike. Have an event with us and you’ll find out why.

Through hard work and dedication, anything is possible. From our early days within the hog and spit roast catering industry we have always had a passion for what we do, tempered with our respect and love for our customers and our region. From the hog and spit roast catered party events in Reading and Slough, through to the wedding catered events in Windsor and Ascot, our love for our way of cooking is helped to make us the regions favourite, for any occasion!

The hog and spit roast is a style of food preparation that dates back for a huge amount of time. It almost pre dates modern humanity. Yet, for all of its agedness, it is a way of cooking meat that cannot be paralleled by any other means. A great example of the past teaching the future a lesson, Hog Roast Caterer Berkshire combines the historic yet brilliant, with the technological nouse that allows us to cater at any event that you wish to have, wherever you are and at whichever location you choose. Our machines can operate free from electricity and are fully mobile. They look fantastic and are often the aspect which really intrigues our guests and customers.

Having a three pronged front to our catering business, we now have a fully comprehensive dining experience, and its just a phone call away for our customers. don’t like the phone? Then try our easy to use interactive web form page that is available on this very website!

Our Hog Roast Berkshire menus for all your garden party and private function needs have been highly celebrated. With the relatively simple with our private party menu 1, our customers can enjoy the laid back, informal atmosphere of a un complicated menu whilst also enjoying the golden roasted hog in all its spectacular glory. From menu one onwards, the menus become more intricate and extensive, with each one an expression of taste and refinement. So sit back, relax and let us do the hard work. In truth, we enjoy it, as not only do we get to prepare the food we love so much, we also get to see the smiles on the faces of our customers, people who we have grown to adore and respect in the years we have been servicing their hog and spit roast catered needs.

Our corporate hospitality catered service facet has proven to be one of the most rewarding aspects of our three pronged catering approach. Great for helping a deal become a solid operational foundation from which our customers may go on and prosper, corporate hospitality catered events have allowed us to spread our wings in terms of creativity and split second timing as regards the service component of our culinary enterprise. Along with this, our wedding catered events have been a true triumph. Allowing our trained chefs to really pit themselves against the finest restaurants in the United Kingdom, the quality of food created at our wedding events as had guests emotionally moved as well as having their stomachs filled.

Hog Roast Caterer, more than just catering, its love in the form of food.