Hog Roast Minehead

We all have some varied and happy memories of childhood: favourite toys, TV programmes, first days at school, best mates etc. That said some of our strongest and happiest memories will come from family holidays when letting your hair down and having a great time was essential.

Many children would have had just such a time at Minehead. The holiday camp in Minehead is the stuff of English holidaying legend and it’s fair to say that a good percentage of people in the UK will have spent many a happy hour in Minehead. But what about the good people of Minehead? What do the ten thousand plus folk of this West Somerset town get up to? If it’s not sunny holiday Minehead, is it hog roast Minehead?

Hog roast Minehead? What’s that all about then. Well, just because you live in a holiday resort, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself. Far from it! So have Minehead folk developed a taste for hog roast?

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Hog roast is enjoying something of a renaissance in catering and dining circles, though some would say that this exquisite feast that dates back to medieval times never actually went away. Hog roast is something of a conundrum, too. Many people see hog roast as a bit of a rough and ready solution when it comes to catering, yet here we have a food that takes hours to prepare and was often the meal of choice for lords, ladies, kings and queens, so what is the whole hog roast truth...and why are towns like Minehead putting hog roast back on the food map?

In truth, there is no real conundrum about hog roast. Hog roast, it could be argued, is a victim of its own versatility. Hog roast enjoys a reputation as a great party food solution in Minehead and other UK towns, and rightly so. After all, hog roast is an all action, all in one catering solution: one pig, one machine and one hog roast caterer and away you go. Delicious hog roast on rolls will keep any number of partygoers happy for the night. No need for tables, cutlery or strict formalities, just tuck in to the quite amazing taste of freshly cooked hog roast.

But there is another side to hog roast that makes it one of the most versatile catering solutions in Minehead and anywhere else: it can be as posh as you want! Yes, hog roast doesn’t have to be just the laid back party meal. Hog roast can - and does – rub shoulders with some of the best food out there, making hog roast the perfect solution for more formal events such as weddings, society dinners, marquee events and corporate functions. Hog roast can be presented beautifully to your Minehead guests as stunning carved pork with all the trimmings and it tastes as stunning as the best meals around.

The hog roast Minehead effect? Not really, hog roast is a nationwide phenomenon and it’s going to transform the way people enjoy food at events and functions in Minehead and all across the UK for the better.