Hog Roast Lymm

Just because my home village of Lymm is relatively, it certainly does not mean there is a lack of enthusiasm in the village when it comes to entertainment. Absolutely now. In fact there is a lot more to this village than meets the eye. There are more than one or two well know people living here and rumour has it that an old friend of Sooty's can sometimes be seen performing in pubs in and around the area.

Something else that you can expect in Lymm is great event and special occasion catering, and that is thanks in no small part to me, the hog roast hire Lymm caterer. That's right, there may only be some ten thousand people living in the village, but when it comes to having a good time with great food, this is the place to be.

So how did I happen to become the hog roast hire Lymm caterer? Well, it's not a complicated story. I have lived in the village all my life and love it here. It just seems to be one of those great places to call home, but to carve out a long lasting career for yourself in a village like Lymm needs some doing. I need to think of something that I would enjoy and that I knew the people of Lymm would appreciate and actually use. I had always fancied myself as a bit of a chef at heart but did not really want to move in to the restaurant business as there was too much competition, so that's when I developed an interest in hog roasting.

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Hog roasts are great fun, and if you have never been to a hog roast or sampled the great tasting meat then you really need to make an effort and get to one soon. It was after I had attended such an event elsewhere in Cheshire that I thought becoming a hog roast Lymm caterer was the job for me. Here was a job that would not only keep me local but allow me to cook for people, just like I had always wanted to do. It was a win win situation for me.

My life as a hog roast Lymm caterer is certainly not easy, in fact it is a little harder than I imagined but I really do enjoy every minute. I think this is why hog roast represents such incredible value because when you book a hog roast event, you are getting so much more than someone just turning up and serving food. You are actually getting someone who has actually gone out of their way to find you the perfect pig for your event and that is going to spend hours carefully cooking that pig until it is just right. And when I say 'hours', I really mean it. Take a standard Lymm pig and you are almost certainly looking at me cooking it for a good six long hours to get that perfect hog roast flavour that everyone adores. And why do long? Well, it is the same reason why you should always have a good layer of fat on your joints of meat when you cook a roast at home. When you cook a big piece of meat for a length of time, the fat not only helps it stay moist but it enhances the flavour. You also get the meat to absorb all those incredible flavours from the bones, which is very important indeed.

Another thing that you get from a hog roast caterer is dedication. You see, if you are planning an event to start at say 7 o'clock, you may want to serve the food at 8 o'clock. Now, that of course means that I need to start cooking around 2 o'clock, so as you can see, a hog roast chef's day is pretty much taken up with ensuring your event is catered for in style and on time.

One thing that I really do enjoy most about working as a hog roast chef is helping my clients provide a sense of extravagance at their event. It is always nice to put on a show for your guests, and what better way to do it than by greeting them with the wonderful sight of a whole roasting pig. Nothing can look more glorious.

If you stumbled across this page whilst looking for information about hog roasting in Lymm, well done. I hope that a little insight into my work has convinced you to choose a Lymm hog roast for your event.