Hog Roast Leeds

Hog roast is a special food, make no mistake. This is a special occasion and most sociable of foods that needs to be saved for events where you need lots of superb tasting, wholesome food. Luckily, I get a chance to serve up this food on a weekly basis to hundreds of people in this Yorkshire stronghold and I really enjoy it. And because Leeds is such a large area, there really is a diverse range of places and events where I can find business. One such area is the student population. Yes, I know students are supposed to be broke (and many of them are) but students still need to have fun and one of the best sorts of events that I get to cater for are freshers’ parties. These are often held at the University grounds or in student friendly clubs and these are great nights. Of course, these are relaxed and informal events so I serve up my hog roast on rolls (or pig in a bun as I like to call it). These may sound pretty boring but they are anything but. Lovely succulent hog roast meat on a roll with crackling, apple sauce and stuffing makes for a delicious party food which is super moreish. The cold cider helps it slide down a treat.

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As I mentioned, this is a diverse city and my job as a hog roast hire Leeds caterer is diverse too, so I do get to attend many different events. Wedding anniversaries are certainly one of the most frequently booked events that I serve hog roast at and these are always really lovely parties. Not quite as wild or loud as the students events but still pretty lively. I tend to mainly serve hog roast rolls at these events too as they are often rather easy going events understandably, unlike a wedding breakfast! When I started out as a hog roast Leeds caterer, I did not think I’d be working at many weddings but I do loads each year. Gourmet hog roast, finely carved and smartly served is the order of the day at weddings and I must admit, it is nice to turn on the style for these events. Corporate, events, birthdays and Christenings, I really can cater for them all in Leeds!

Leeds is a big place, make no mistake. With over three quarters of a million people in the city area, that is an awful lot of folk, and where you get a lot of people you get a big need for people wanting great tasting food. Of course this means that people like their restaurants and take aways but sometimes you need something a bit more special than that. Especially when you maybe have something of a special event coming up such as a milestone birthday or a significant anniversary. So how does this affect me? Well, I have been getting steadily busier with these sort of events in Leeds over the last few years so I thought I’d share with you a few of the sorts of experiences of a hog roast Leeds chef, just so you know why I love my work so much and why hog roast in general has become so popular in recent times. It may be worth me asking if you have ever sampled hog roast before, because it is one of those meals that can be difficult to describe to people. If not then I hope you get an idea of just how wonderful it is because words alone cannot do this fantastic meat justice.

What do you for a living? Is it a question that you tend get asked very often? I used to especially when I was in between jobs and the answer was ‘nothing’! That’s all changed now though and for the past four years I have been doing the most enjoyable work that I have ever undertaken. Best of all I get to do it in the greatest city in the world which is Leeds, of course!

So, you are probably wondering what could possibly be such a wonderful job that has me waxing so lyrical? Well, the job that I am loving so much is that of the hog roast hire Leeds caterer, and I really do mean it when I say I love it because no two days are quite the same. And being able to work across my home city of Leeds really does make it extra special. After all, everybody likes to work close to home, don’t they?

Leeds seems to stand on its own when it comes to the great cities of the UK. It certainly has something of a unique feel to it, something that could also apply to the town’s football club. But whilst many outsiders may think of Leeds as being stuck in something of a timewarp, they are obviously unaware of just what modern strides this city has made.

Leeds is a big place and is home to over three quarters of a million people, making it the UK’s third most populous city and a hub of everything that goes on in Yorkshire. Leeds certainly is a busy place and a city that provides jobs and indeed education for many people. It is therefore no surprise that hog roast Leeds catering is proving to be just as popular as football or rugby league for many people these days. Okay, slight exaggeration there. Of course there are not thirty thousand or so people enjoying a hog roast in Leeds every week but I think it is fair to say that hog roast could soon become the most popular form of special event catering in this part of Yorkshire and it is quite easy to see why that would be the case.

The growth of hog roast hire Leeds catering is testament to the fact that the people here not only work hard but play hard, too. This is after all a major city where many key companies and businesses are based and that means that there is always a need for catering facilities to cope with the many corporate events that take place every single week. And as any business person will tell you, nothing can prove to be more disastrous than bad event catering, especially when the bosses or special guests are involved. Unfortunately, Leeds – just like the rest of the UK’s big cities – has had to put up with its fair share of bad event catering. Unexciting, uninspired and lifeless catering that hardly reflects the forward thinking city that is twenty first century Leeds. This could go some way to explaining why the hog roast Leeds caterer has become such an in demand character and why corporate events are no longer the dreaded events that they used to be.

Yorkshire has a proud history for producing quality produce and it only makes perfect sense that the pigs used by a hog roast chef are from the region, and that is exactly what happens. There is no need to bring in meat from outside of the county when there are exceptionally great tasting pigs right here in the white rose county. But there is more to choosing the perfect pig than just finding one from the area. It needs to be a top pig, which is why our chefs will only ever choose one that comes from a respected source. It also has to have just the right amount of fat on it because that is one of the key factors that contributes to giving a hog roast its incredible and quite unique flavour.

A hog roast really is that unique thing; a catering solution that brings you quality cooking. It’s a fact. A hog roast is a labour of love for the chef and one that can take about six hours in order to give the meat that incredible flavour. Ask any hog roast hire Leeds chef and they will tell you why. Slow roasting has a really important effect on the meat. When you have a pig with the perfect layer of fat, this stops the meat underneath from drying out, meaning that the meat not only stays super succulent but it also absorbs some of those all important flavours from the fat. The result is a super mature, super juicy meat that simply blows all other catering solutions out of the water. And we have not even mentioned the crackling, which is as you can imagine quite simply the best you will ever taste.

Hog roast is certainly not exclusive to the city of Leeds, indeed it is something that is becoming increasingly popular all over the UK, whether at corporate functions, anniversary events, festivals, pubs, christenings and weddings – where gourmet hog roast is giving the traditional more than a run for their money. It looks like hog roast really is making a name for itself in every corner of this city, and with so many people living here, that’s a lot of people to impress with the best tasting catering around.