Hog Roast Langport

Today we visited the tiny little market town of Langport. The streets there are very quaint and the pleasant river Parrett runs through Langport. There is a walking trail along the River Parrett which is 50 miles long and passes some beautiful historical sites. It is testament to both the people and the area that the path is so well kept.

While there, we were catering for a medieval themed birthday party in a little house near the Hanging Chapel. The party was a joint 5th and 60th party for a little girl and her grandfather who wanted to dress up as princesses and knights for the day! The party was an absolute delight and due to the small numbers, the party was a very intimate affair made up of mostly family and close family friends.

Our hog roast dinner suited the theme of the party perfectly and one little boy was entranced by the turning of the rotisserie. The costumes that the family wore were absolutely fabulous, I’ve never seen so many crowns, pointy hats and knight’s helmets in one room! As part of the menu, we served our extra special stuffing, crackling and apple sauce to accompany the gorgeous roasted meats. It was a pleasure to cater for such a lovely family and the hog roast went down a treat as it is such a traditional food in keeping with the theme of the party. Not only was hog roast hire Langport such a brilliant choice because of the medieval theme but it definitely offered a tasty alternative to boring children’s party food.

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Children and adults alike were hypnotised by the illuminated hog roast and the intoxicating smell of the hog roast soon filled the little house, making everyone’s mouth water (including the staff- we never get used to how good a hog roast actually smells!) The table was adorned with medieval decorations and platters of steaming meats which looked fabulous.

The mother of the little girl was surprised at how much hog roast Langport could cater to her needs and was astounded at the price. She had initially made enquiries about hiring a hog roast machine as she didn’t think she needed caterers but once she realised the low cost of our catering team, she realised that getting us to do the hard work would be much easier. By hiring our qualified team, who are dedicated to providing fantastic service and tasty hog roast, the delighted mother got to enjoy the party along with the rest of her guests. She was more than grateful that we were able to prepare the food, serve it and clear up afterwards.

The footpaths in this area are a perfect place to watch the sun set and this was where our hog roast Langport catering adventure ended. We helped the family pack up some roast turkey sandwiches with plenty of cranberry sauce and they set off to sit by the side of the River Parrett for a lovely bite to eat while the sun set slowly on the horizon. Back at the house we tidied everything away before the family got back and it was time for the younger children to head off to bed, their home made capes dragging behind them up the stairs. Meanwhile, the parents, grandparents, great grandparents and family friends continued to munch on the fabulous medieval feast downstairs. All the food had been prepared and cooked to the highest standard. The hog roast hire Langport team departed after a job well done.

It is surprisingly easy to hire our qualified staff team and allow us to cater for your event, whether it be a small family gathering like this one or on a much larger scale, Chef and Griddle hog roast can provide a personal and unique service. Perfect for themed events, the rotisserie we provide offers a truly magical approach to food which looks appealing as well as tasting fantastic! Not only were this family overjoyed with our personal service but they enjoyed a wonderful celebration which they can remember for years to come. Creating lasting memories is one of our core aims at Chef and Griddle and we find one of the perfect ways to do this is through our excellent hog roasting service.