Hog Roast Knutsford

It seems that having an even slightly unusual sounding job these days is enough to get people asking questions. I don't know why that should be the case. I certainly don't make a point of questioning people about their jobs....but then again, I guess there are not many people around who can class themselves as a hog roast hire Knutsford caterer! Fair enough, it is a little bit unusual, but just imagine life without people offering my service. It would be hell on Earth. Imagine being stuck once more with the tedium of terrible party and event catering like we all were in the 70s, 80s and 90s? We simply cannot go back to those sad days.

Strangely enough it was at a party about seven years ago that I was subjected to food just like that. It was not good. I and my friends had been looking forward to the evening (a friend's 30th) for a while but we thought that the food would at least be tasty and imaginative. We were wrong, it was anything but. Boring, tasteless, unexciting and typically lacklustre. It was like being transported back in time to when party and event catering was totally grim. If I need any incentive to investigate becoming a hog roast hire Knutsford caterer then this was it, but another reason for doing was to soon follow. One of the friends who I went to this party with invited me to his work's midsummer event. I thought I may as well attend as it cannot possibly be any worse than my friend's 30th from a catering point of view. How right I was. This was light years ahead in catering terms with something that I had never experienced before: a hog roast.

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I had heard about hog roast events before and it was all good, but I had never tasted hog roast for myself. Well, it was something of a Cheshire revelation for me. It was brilliant. I had never ever enjoyed food at a special event as much as I did the hog roast. Everything about it was just brilliant, from the way it was presented to the way it was served and of course the incredible taste. It really was superb. I then thought how brilliant it would be to become a hog roast Knutsford caterer myself. That was it, I was going to do something about it.

Since that day, I have never looked back. I have now being serving great hog roast for the wonderful people of Knutsford for nearly five years. I love my job and I cannot envisage a day when I will not find it totally and utterly rewarding. I get to meet so many great people and serve hog roast in so many wonderful places that there is never a dull moment. I can't say enough about my decision to become a hog roast Knutsford caterer.

Okay, so I may be making this sound like a walk in Cheshire park, and whilst I do love my work, hog roasting is not a piece of cake as there is an awful lot that goes into making hog roast a special meal. Probably a lot more than you may have realised. A lot depends on the type of event that I have been asked to caterer for. You see, hog roast is suitable for almost any type of event, party or celebration and that means that I do get lots of enquiries, so one day I could be catering for a lovely wedding in a posh country hotel in beautiful Cheshire, the next I could be serving up hog roast for students at a music festival....and each of these requires a slightly different approach. For a wedding, I will usually be asked to serve up a gourmet hog roast meal from my flexible wedding menu, which is great for meeting a whole range of tastes and budgets. On the other hand - such as a music festival for example, something a little more rough and ready will probably do the trick. Hog roast rolls with lashings of meat and a good portion of apple sauce will usually serve the music lovers very well indeed.

Of course, those are just a few examples of how I am asked to serve up hog roast. There are many other Knutsford events that I am asked to attend each year, and it is all great fun - and hard work. Planning an event in Knutsford? Choose a Knutsford hog roast!