Hog Roast Kings Worthy

If you live in a village or town that sounds very regal then it seems only proper that any local event or special function held there should be fit for a king or queen. Well, maybe, but how about making sure that the catering has a regal touch? It’s a lot easier than you may think. The village of Kings Worthy is one such place where the name justifies making a sterling effort into providing fitting catering, and there is simply nothing better to fit the bill than a hog roast Kings Worthy.

You might not think hog roast sounds very regal but it was almost certainly a regular on the menu of kings and queens over the years, and how can anyone fail to be impressed by the sheer splendour of a fantastic looking hog roast cooking away. Is there a better sight in the cooking world? Probably not. Book a hog roast hire Kings Worthy caterer for your village event and you can enjoy the many delights of a hog roast yourself.

Hog roast is real cooking at its finest and makes a very welcome change from the often bland and boring catering solutions that so often ruin otherwise great events. A hog roast Kings Worthy event is the perfect opportunity to enjoy professional fresh cooking using great ingredients and enjoy a bit of cooking history, too.

The hog roast hire Kings Worthy chef knows all about cooking the perfect pig so you’ll be benefiting from someone at the top of their game. Nothing is left to chance and you’ll be left in no doubt that you are seeing an expert at work. What you won’t see is the effort that goes in beforehand to ensure you are going to get a great meal. The chef has to make sure that you have great meat first and foremost and that means a trip to their chosen local supplier of top quality meat. This is not off the shelf meat but prime pork that is perfect for roasting with just the right amount of fat on it which will make for perfect crackling.

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One of the very best things about hiring a Kings Worthy hog roast chef is that you are going to see the cooking in action. So many special event meals are cooked out of sight, so you simply don’t get that sense of anticipation and excitement from the cooking. That certainly cannot be said of hog roast as you and your guests will be able to watch as the stunning looking animal is cooked away. You will also be able to take in the incredible aromas that the roasting produces, and these really are quite amazing and give you a real sense of what a Medieval hog roast must have been like. If it’s an outdoor event you are organising such as a charity fundraiser then hog roast is simple the perfect solution and one that will go down a treat with absolutely everyone.

Going back to the cooking proves, this is where the chef really does put in some serious effort. One thing that you won’t see is the many hours that are put in to the cooking in advance of the event. You see, hog roast takes around six hours to cook fully so it would be rather impractical to start the cooking at the beginning of your event, otherwise you would be eating rather late in the day. The chef therefore starts of the cooking much earlier, completing the process during your event. However, those six hours is time well spent as it allows all those important juices inside the whole pig to mature beautifully, which in turn helps create the most amazing, succulent pork and the best, crispiest crackling you and your guest will have ever tasted.

Something else that is worth noting about hog roast is that it is remarkably good value for what comes across as quite an extravagant catering solution. Hog roast may be one of those feasts that looks incredibly expensive but it is certainly not as expensive as you may think, especially when you consider that a typical sized whole pig will create enough delicious meat to serve over one hundred Kings Worthy folk. It’s a versatile dish too, happy to be served as hot hog roast rolls or as a gourmet dinner, ideal for sit down dinners where a little more formality is expected. Do the name of Kings Worthy some justice by serving up a hog roast!