Hog Roast Kingston

Kingston is a market town with good transport links to the city. It as a very long history and as well as being the first royal borough, several kings were crowned in Kingston. Kingston's ancient market still survives today and is held every day in the market place. Generally, Kingston upon Thames is also a great place for shopping, as central Kingston has lots of retail outlets, from the popular high street chain stores to more exclusive and original boutiques. Kingston has its own local museum, as well as a multiplex cinema and a theatre, as well as a shopping mall. One of the more unique Kingston landmarks is a sculpture made of telephone boxes stacked like tipping dominoes. Popular children's and teens' fiction author Jacqueline Wilson grew up in Kingston and still lives there to this day.

I get to see a lot of Kingston as part of my job as a hog roast caterer. I've come to have a real appreciation for the area and especially its people, who are always friendly and interesting to chat to. I work with a great team behind me – they're dedicated, passionate about cookery and with a good eye for detail. Together, we make hog roasts and cater for events.

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We offer both hog roast Kingston and hog roast hire Kingston. If you're looking for hog roast Kingston, you can expect a hog roast with crackling (and spices and applesauce to bring out the flavour) as well as great customer service. We also include balloons, serviettes, bread rolls and condiments. We also provide hog roast hire Kingston, for those who wish to hire hog roast machines and do it themselves. Catering (and hiring out) around Kingston upon Thames is always fun. I meet all sorts of people from self-proclaimed science or history geeks to local bands. We have catered for colleges, hired to athletes and seen lots of weddings and birthdays. Today, we were catering for the anniversary of the opening of one of the boutiques. We got to the hotel and set up; I put up balloons while my team member Della pumped the balloons, and Amy and the others set out the bread rolls. Then we took the hog roast machine out of the van and wheeled it in. At last e were done and the hog roast was turning in the machine; I could smell its delicious aroma from where I was standing.

The owner of the shop (which sells clothes, jewellery and ethnic ornaments) told me that she'd never expected the shop to be so successful. But now she was even thinking of opening another branch in a different part of the city. We got chatting and I found out that she'd travelled a lot and had always been interested in art; she'd even studied it at university before dropping out. As a consequence, those who also love art, ethnic jewellery and a bohemian style flock to her shop. People began to arrive and me and my team mates poured them drinks. Then we carved the roast and served it. I could tell that everyone was enjoying it, and some of them told me it tasted great (I can't get enough of compliments so that made me feel pretty good!).

Our second job of the day was to deliver a hog roast machine for an engagement party in the community centre. When we got there, we plugged in the machine and helped the clients put their roast in the machine. The happy couple and their families were there and I got talking to them. The couple had met on a skiing holiday in the Alps; the bride to be lived in Kingston and was an administrator in a college while her husband to be worked as a software developer in another area of the city. They were both movie buffs and had bonded over their love of films, watching a DVD together almost every evening. The bride to be – let's call her Alexis – told me she wants to be a film critic. I like films too, but only certain genres. Alexis likes horror especially the Japanese horror genre, while her boyfriend Brian likes war films, comedy and romance. Apparently they're going to have a film themed wedding – I've no idea quite how they're going to pull it off, but it should be a very original and memorable wedding.

My passion is always cooking. I take pride in making hog roasts; we all do here at hog roast Kingston.