Hog Roast Kings Lynn

Hog roast catering and hog roast hire Kings Lynn have catering on everybody's tongue, just how do we provide these stunning services at jaw-droppingly low prices is the question most seem to be asking.

Welcome to chef and griddle Kings Lynn original pro hog roasters. With a history stemming back many years, we're the hog roasters that will make a real splash at your party, whetting everybody's appetite with accolade winning hog roast meat and crispy crackling. You can choose from 6 spit roast meat options from us, including event classics such as lamb, chicken or sirloin of beef. More often than not we serve our spit roasts with ample side dishes, canapés, desserts and starters. Chef and griddle merges the best of culinary worlds to bring you catering like nothing you've ever seen.

We don't just do all of that, we do it against all odds. We give you the nations best hog roast Kings Lynn catering service indoors; we can give you it outdoors; we can give you it at a party with 8,000 attendees; we can give you it at a party with but 20 guests. Themed parties, birthday parties, wedding receptions and after parties, business breakfasts or large business functions, a sports game hog roast - you name it, we're the hog roasters for the job. The comprehensive menu packages that we boast are fit for practically any purpose, and our hog roast chefs and waiting team have the skill to cater an event of any specification.

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The machines at the heart of our catering are all CE certified and we can guarantee their safety and performance, and we have established criteria for hog roasting, which means that we’ll only hog roast at venues with sufficient ventilation, most venues do have but if you’re not sure about yours just enquire and we’ll get to the bottom of it.

The icing on the cake that is a Chef and griddle hog roast is that you can get one through us in more than one way. We’re not talking about the difference between hog roast Kings Lynn catering for a party and hog roast catering for a wedding; we’re not talking about catering at all! Another way of getting the wonderful world of hog roasting is to forego our professional catering service all together and hire a machine from us.

A hog roast hire Kings Lynn machine might sound like a daunting idea at first, after all how could you possibly know how to use one if you don’t have any experience hog roasting? Thankfully that’s a misconception and the many people who’ve had it have always been taken aback by how easy ours are to use, even with us telling them it’s very easy beforehand they still seem shocked.

What’s best about hiring from us is that we’re specialists and as such we have the arsenal or machines to really show that. We machines big and small, for commercial or personal use, whether for cooking a pig or cooking, say, a dozen whole chickens.

Heck, we even have machines with a commercial style grill for grilling your favourite sausages and burgers. With versatility in abundance you can make meal after meal of complete dishes with a Spitting Pig machine.

We transport hired machines to and from your chosen venue at an appropriate time, while delivering we’ll also give you a brief but precise break down of the machines basic functions, a gas bottle and a CD with instructions just incase you happen to forget any of the very simple details.

When delivered you can begin your hog roast adventure immediately and wow guests with an experience that’s great for family and friends. If you’ve got kids they’ll love being involved and your friends will go mad with lust when they take a bite of your hog roast.