Hog Roast Horsham

Horsham is a quaint market town in Sussex. Celebrated for its timbered buildings and charming cottages it is widely held among the locals and visitors equally. Alongside the exclusive designer and craft shops are prominent attractions as well as the Horsham Museum and gardens.

Speaking of notable we had the utmost pleasure of catering for the Horsham annual fayre party, which was celebrating the towns history. Though the weather was not at its best, it did not stop the people of Horsham turning up to support the three-day celebrations.

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The whole town was in full swing, and there was something for everyone, including 50s style dress theme, sumo wrestling and circus performance. Organised by the Horsham Action Group this was a site to behold. Our hog roast went down like a treat at the market stalls. We kept serving throughout the three days, and it was a joy to feed all the hungry locals and visitors. I have to say it seemed right that we served hog roast at this event in place surrounded by the distinguished buildings of old. Hog roasting is well steeped in history for many traditions and celebrations as far back as the Tudor times of King Henry VII. It fills me with a lot of pride knowing that this wonderful way to cook roast is once again becoming popular to new generations. I was full of pride to serve our hog roast in the celebration of a British institution. There is also something about preparing a well-made and succulent hog roast in the outdoors. Everything was just so in tune. Remember we serve not only succulent hog roast but all meats to cater to your needs. In the midst of the British summer and autumn around the corner, we will cater to all parties and conferences no matter how big or small.

What about using hog roast Horsham for your wedding celebration in the evening, after the main meal is out of the way and the party starts we’ll lay a scrumptious buffet on serving tables for your guests to enjoy. The buffet is every bit as good as the meal, there’s no change in quality and it’s great to have a buffet in the evening as your guests will soon get hungry again.

To know a little more about hog roasting and the services offered by hog roast Horsham we’d be happy to take your phone calls and emails and explain why hog roasting is so great. For those who have not had the pleasure to visit Horsham, yet, you can remedy easily. Come and visit the historical town and its lively pubs and inns; you will be impressed. If you decide to settle, the newer part of town is served by frequent, direct trains of the tube line taking you straight into zone 1 (Baker Street, connected to 5 tube lines) in less than an hour.