Hog Roast Horndean

There is nothing quite like a good old Horndean family get together, especially if you are part of a large or extended family that are spread out in different parts of the country, if not world. It is always wonderful to catch up and see how everyone is doing and see how much the nieces and nephews have grown. Family get togethers really can be quite special and they are always brilliant for a great photo opportunity for the albums.

Of course, these sort of events are always good for enjoying some nice food but it can be a bit of a nightmare getting the food organised. Then there’s the matter of someone cooking it all and cleaning it all up. Surely it is better to spend this valuable time with your family? I think so and I am sure that most people would agree. A good solution to avoid all the hassle is of course to go to a restaurant, but there is always that sense that you are overstaying your welcome and if there are young children involved then it can be a bit stressful. The best option is to get a caterer in and there really is nothing more fun and tasty than a hog roast Horndean party.

Hog roast Horndean makes for a superb option when it comes to catering for you big family get together. Book a hog roast hire Horndean caterer and you can sit back and relax knowing that you and your family are in store for some great tasting and top quality food.

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And make no mistake, it really is top quality food, too. The hog roast hire Horndean caterer takes a very professional approach to every hog roast event and that means selecting superb ingredients. The meat is of course of great importance and you simply can’t settle for poor quality meat, it simply has to be super meat, which is why the caterer selects a pig from a respected local supplier, choosing an animal that is well reared and that has just the right amount of fat, because the crackling is key to any great hog roast!

If only it was as simple for the hog roast chef as choosing the right. Unfortunately there is a lot more work involved when putting together a Stamford hog roast, but modern technology does come in handy with the cooking process at least. Now, back in Stamford Medieval times, a huge spit and open fire would be the place to cook the hog roast. Fires need constant attention and can be a little erratic to say the least. This is where the hog roast machine comes in ever so handy. It does away with the open fire and instead provides a rather attractive looking mobile spit for the whole pig. It also has regulated cooking so the chef can keep total control over every aspect of the hog roast, thus ensuring that the pig is cooked beautifully...and that includes creating the all important crispy crackling. You can’t possibly have a hog roast without crackling!

Children love hog roast nearly as much as the adults. It really is the perfect party food because it smells great, looks great and tastes amazing. The actual cooking process of a hog roast is something that everyone will enjoy watching. There is nothing quite like seeing a whole pig cooking away whilst being tended to by the hog roast chef and it’s a good opportunity to explain to the youngsters that hog roast is a Medieval dish that used to be cooked over a roaring fire. That should be even more inspiration for the kids to tuck in!

There are no open fires used to cook hog roast these days but the replacement is something much better and far safer. We have developed our special hog roasting machines that allow a hog roast to be cooked brilliantly. These machines also look, very impressive and allow hog roasting to take place indoors and outdoors. They can even be used to cook other meats, too. Very versatile.

Depending on the size of your family, the hog roast chef will pick an appropriately sized pig that will make sure everyone is well fed. In fact so accommodating is the average sized pig that you want to consider inviting a few extra people. Go for a regular sized hog and you will able to serve over one hundred people! There aren’t many families that big but, then again, there are few foods as big as hog roast!