Hog Roast Havant

Have you ever really considered what makes the perfect special event or function? A strange question but it is something certainly worth considering if organising such an event in Havant is on your to do list. You may think that it’s all very straightforward, after all, surely people just need to turn up, have a few drinks, maybe have enjoy some music and of course tuck into the food. But if it was all that simple, how can so many events like this be such a let down?

Very often the major thing that lets an event down is the food. Time and time again, people make the mistake of cutting corners when choosing the catering for their event, often with dreadful results! There is nothing worse than looking forward to a ‘special’ occasion only to find that the food is anything but special. People organising such events seem to forget that food is one of the most important things that make a big impression on people. So, if you are in the process of planning an event, you may want to consider making it a hog roast Havant event.

Now, that may have taken you by surprise. Hog roast? You heard correctly. Hog roast could be the perfect solution for the catering at your special event. It may be feast made famous in Medieval times but hog roast is now making waves in the twenty first century and the hog roast hire Havant caterer could be your catering saviour! In fact hog roast is not simply enjoying life in the limelight in Hampshire but across the whole of the UK. It seems that hog roast is really causing a bit of a stir.

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So how come hog roast is back on the catering map why is the hog roast Havant special occasion now the way to go? One reason could be that hog roast is a fantastic value option, and that is something that really matters in these tough economic times that have affected all corners of the nation. It may look like a top class meal but the hog roast hire Havant chef is probably the best value catering option you can get. And when you consider the attention to detail and hard work that goes into each and every hog roast, it is even more amazing.

On the face of it, hog roast is one of the simplest and least complex catering solutions available, but you could argue that this is what makes it so delicious. The importance is the emphasis which is placed on choosing the right meat, because this is absolutely fundamental to the whole success of a hog roast. Your Havant hog roast chef knows all about finding the right meat which is why they will always use a quality local supplier who can provide well reared pigs with just the right amount of fat (which is very important for the crackling). The quality of the meat almost guarantees in itself that you are going tom enjoy a great meal...but there is more involved than that.

Cooking a hog roast has always been a major undertaking, but at least the days roasting a pig over an open fire are long behind us, and a lot of that is down to something that we have developed especially for just this task. Our hog roasting machines not only make roasting safer and more efficient but we have made it look more impressive, too. That’s a good thing because it allows your Havant guests to see the actual hog roast cooking away with the chef in attendance. Not many catering solutions allow you to witness a masterpiece in progress, then again not many catering solutions are worth watching being cooked. After all, many are simply thrown in the oven!

Despite our fantastic machinery, we cannot make the hog roast cook any quicker meaning it takes six hours to cook a hog roast to absolute perfection, but there is no need to panic your Havant guests as the majority of this cooking will take place before the event. Otherwise it would mean a rather long wait for the food!

Another pleasant surprise of hog roast is that it is a food of plenty, with an average sized pig easily providing enough meat to feed over a hundred people, not forgetting crackling, too. Is it any wonder that hog roast is such great value? Don’t make the mistake of cutting corners at your big Havant event. Instead, just get cutting some pork!