Hog Roast Gillingham

Gillingham is a great place to be on a sunny summer’s day with its colourfully painted high street and beautiful English countryside so close by. The hog roast Gillingham team have been kept very busy and the unpredictable weather hasn’t seemed to have dampened the spirits of the many satisfied customers we’ve catered for. We were especially happy to be catering for a birthday party just outside Gillingham. Fortunately our specially designed hog roast Gillingham oven is fully mobile and with its strong wheels we can get it to any venue whether it’s a carpeted hall or a grass lawn as was the case this time. It can take up to six hours to fully roast a pig depending on the size, so we got there well in advance to set up our equipment and get the pig well on its way to hog roasted perfection. While the meat is cooking we take the opportunity to prepare the delicious side dishes and salads: which we always do to make sure they are served to you fresh and tasty. We also make our own fabulous apple sauce which has just the right balance of sweetness and zing to perfectly compliment the tender roast pork. One of the best things about a hog roast is the crackling it produces with a little help from us and there was plenty to go around for all those who wished to indulge.

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A hog roast Gillingham is a great way to get people together to enjoy good company and good food and we pride ourselves in providing an excellent service together with our aromatic, melt in the mouth cuts of the most tender roast pork. And we can cater for large parties whose numbers run into the thousands just as professionally and efficiently as we do for the smaller private events. With our talented hog roast Gillingham chefs and our clever hog roast ovens; we are ready to cook the best hog roast you’ve ever tasted at your event!

Because of our specially designed ovens, we can now do so much more than just the spit roasted pig: even though the spit roasted pig is a feat for the eyes as much as the body, pork may not be to everyone’s taste, which is why we can now also cook whole lambs, joints of beef: we even have a rotisserie on which we can cook up to 35 chickens at any one time. Add our barbeque tray and you have a meal for literally hundreds all in one!

We are dedicated to making your hog roast Gillingham event memorable for all the right reasons and this is why we will see to every aspect of the service: we can provide everything from table linens to marquees for outdoor events. Our serving staff will always wait on your guests politely and professionally whether your event is a buffet or a formal sit down meal.

Whatever your event this summer give us a call and we will cater for your event with all the splendour of a hog roast!