Hog Roast Ely

The city of Ely in Cambridge was named after the eels that swam in the river, and from the 18th Century in particular eels were a staple food for many of England’s poor especially in the capital where nets were set all along the river Thames. Jellied eels and eel pie and mash houses were also extremely popular in the South but have lost favour in recent years, that is where we saw a gap in the food market at ‘Chef and Griddle’ and started our hog roast Ely company specialising in spit roasted pork.

The economy of this region is mainly agricultural so the meats available locally are of an extremely high quality and perfect for supplying to our clients when they choose us to cater for their shindigs and bashes and even if they are looking to hog roast hire Ely are spit roast machines to cater for themselves if they want to explore their inner Medieval man!

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Hog roasting has been a very significant and convenient way of cooking meat of all varieties for thousands of years all over the world; spit roasting of whole animals can even be seen on the Bayeux Tapestry which was made in the 1070’s. Hog roasts are often a traditional family meal for Christmas, New Years Eve and Thanks Giving particularly in Cuba and Puerto Rico. In the Philippines it is customary to roast a whole pig for family reunions and in the Caribbean on Christmas Eve. With all this history and prominence of spit roasting in so many countries the growth in popularity of the modern hog roast Ely and the UK it seems it was only a matter of time before it became a feast forte again.

At the ‘Chef and Griddle’ we recently catered for the opening of a Chinese company in hog roast Ely, it is customary for the Chinese to also have a hog roast at such events as a sign of celebration and good luck gesture for the new business venture, the pig is offered to the Jade Emperor like with a film opening in China and they hope this will ward off evil spirits. We had a special request to present the hog roast with a round slice of pineapple and a cherry which we were more than happy to comply with and it did make the hog look very appealing to the guests.

The clients provided their own time-honoured side dishes to go alongside the magnificent hogs but they did hire a fully stocked bar from ourselves which we made sure had plenty of Huangjiu, a Chinese alcoholic liquor to toast the success of the business.

If you are thinking of holding any kind of celebration or gathering and are looking to make a statement or create a real focal point then why not hog roast hire Ely us to cater the whole event with our team of connoisseurs and years of knowledge of what works best when it comes to spit roasting.