Hog Roast Eastbourne

Eastbourne is a town with something always going on, whether it’s one of the internationally famous festivals, or just parties in people’s back gardens. And they all need, of course, excellent catering to help them go smoothly. That’s where Hog Roast Eastbourne can help – we’re dedicated to serving the good people of Eastbourne with all their catering needs, and we believe we can do it in an innovative, affordable, and consummate way. Our talented chefs and dedicated office staff work together to deliver an excellent service, day in and day out.

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Hog roasts are our speciality, and we don’t believe we can beaten on the quality of ours. But what makes Hog Roast Eastbourne special is that we integrate our hog roasts into a larger, more comprehensive catering service, which provides the flexibility that people need for their events. This means we have a large range of menus, starting at simple ones which just include a selection of meat roasts with their respective sauces and trimmings and a selection of side dishes, which is ideal for smaller or more no thrills events, such as intimate parties or events where customers are going to be on the move and don’t have much time for food – such as fun days or fairs. At the other end of things, we have our menus for larger events, which our set out in courses, including canapés, starters, main courses and desserts. With these, our talented chefs have devised a large range of modern and gourmet dishes all designed specifically to compliment our mouth-wateringly good spit-roasted meats. We like to think this gives us a good balance, between the traditional and the new. But our menus are always just a model – we work with the client to give them the option of customising their menus to suit their specific event, and guests. Our experienced chefs can accommodate entirely new dishes into existing menus to suit you.

So if our menus are flexible, what else is? Well, we realise that sometimes there’s no need for a big to do, and that is why we offer a professional hire service, for when you want to take control of your own party, or just want to try roasting your own hog! We give instruction, and our excellent custom-designed machines can be rented for a day up to a month. Similarly, we can provide waiting staff, cutlery, and our own marquees (in case of rain) or not, depending on your wishes, and your venue. The hog roast is neither solely an indoor or outdoor dish, and we only need a well-ventilated space to work in, and we can either turn up early on the day to cook it, or bring it ready cooked with us nearer the time of serving.

I hope we’ve shown you a little of what Hog Roast Eastbourne is about, but the best way is to find out for yourself by contacting us as soon as possible, to discuss your very own event. The sooner the better – that way, we can give you the perfect service.