Hog Roast Dedworth

Hog roast Dedworth are the leading hog roast caterer around and we give you an alternative to conventional catering firms and what they have to offer, we are here to bring original, satisfying catering with great service, with these things combined its a great way to cater all round for any style function or size. We know how important catering is and the problems it can often bring, sometimes the service is a lot to be desired and lets face it sometimes the food just doesn't match up, we ll we offer amazing service with the tastiest freshest food cooked in front of your very eyes with our quality hog roast cookers, fit for any event with a wide range of produce at our fingertips, the very best the county has to offer and you can have it a price everyone can afford. Hog roast Dedworth take an old style of cooking and bring it up to date with modernised cooking equipment that cook any type of meat to perfection with out any extra hassle or fuss on your part as our cookers are self containing and look after themselves in a way most other cookers would struggle.

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The results volumes and if you do the cooking than let us simply hire our apparatus to you directly so you can enjoy roasting your own pig the way you like it. Hog roast hire Dedworth have this fantastic hire service and like we say you can simply hire our equipment yourself for the party of a lifetime with amazing food to boot, we only use the very best cookers available abut they are very simple to use so please don't worry about the technical side of it as we will help you with the right information for the job in hand including how the equipment works, cooking times and how to baste the meat properly to get the best out of the produce you have selected from our vast range of produce. Hog roast hire Dedworth can also supply the produce if you would rather or you can supply your own as we know the county offers an abundance of livestock and seasoning, its entirely up to you but let us assure you that the livestock and produce we source is the freshest and best available and we only ever source locally so you can believe the food you will be tasting is the very best in local catering, we leave others standing for food, service and originality.

We have a wonderful range of produce and many types of produce can be cooked on our multi-functional cookers that can roast pork to perfection or slow cook more delicate meats such as lamb or even fish they all taste better after a slow cooking our way. The pork we use is quality and we often honey roast it or you can just go for the more usual seasoning of salt which we all know is a winner with most guests out there. We mentioned fish which is a great choice for wedding functions and work events where a touch of class is required, our cookers bring that and it provides a great talking point for any kind of party, wild salmon and roasted trout are our most popular fish dishes but if you have another in mind then please feel free to ask about any other styles of meat that we have not mentioned. White meat alternatives are always popular and our roasted chicken is the best around by far, beating conventional cookers in to a state of submission when slow roasted the rotisserie way. Turkey is great for Christmas functions or any time of year for that matter and when its been roasted on one of our cookers it takes the turkey to another level, seasoned with lemon and thyme our white meats are better than Sunday roast guaranteed.

The produce is not the only reason to give us a try with the best staff available ensuring your day runs as smoothly as possible, our staff are highly trained professionals and are experts in this field of cookery, they are the best, so we can provide the best. We cover all style of functions from weddings to birthdays, fairs, work functions and anniversaries large or small so if you are going to be catering for an event soon give us a call for a free quote we are sure we can give you the best catering experience you have ever had.