Hog Roast Danbury

It was with great delight that I was asked to cater a hog roast at the loveliest pub at Danbury. It was simply to help the owners of the pub by trying something new to offer in the way of spit roasted meats during their well-attended Sunday roast. It was also an idea of the owners that, weather permitting, in the sunny days of summer next, they might decide to do spit-roasted hog outdoors on their decking during their usual weekly jazz nights. So, if I did the job well, then I could be looking at repeat performances.

To Hog Roast Danbury I went. There were more than likely only going to be about 150 covers, so I opted to roast both sirloin of beef and a locally grow 50kg Saddleback hog.

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I found Danbury to be an unassuming, quiet village surrounded by wonderful woodlands and heath. Most of the area is managed by the National Trust and Essex Wildlife Trust and there's no shortage of beautiful walks in the area. They have a stunning 13th Century church called The Parish Church of St John Baptist whose spire can be seen far and wide. As far as can be told, there has been a church on that very site from before 1233. The present church, however, is a Grade 1 Listed Building and as you can imagine, there are many lovely features inside.

An interesting church and a beautiful town make a good combination as far as I'm concerned. I hoped the people were as nice!

As a caterer of hog roasts for a few years now, I usually sit down and do my sums when being called to work at any event. I have found that as long as you make sure you purchase the right amount of high-quality food, you're in with a chance of not being burdened with expensive leftovers and you can, on a good day, even turn a profit.

Because of the limited number of people we were expecting to serve for this Sunday Spit Roast, I brought my Titan hog roaster along with me. The Titan is a fantastic machine and one that was manufactured by The Spitting Pig Company. It is one of two very reliable machines that I have so far purchased from them. The Spitting Pig have been in the business over 20 years now and have a lot of know-how about creating a responsible, durable workhorse of a machine made almost entirely of lightweight and attractive stainless steel. The Titan can spit roast as well as oven roast and it was for this reason, I chose it to work with me in Danbury.

The Spitting Pig Company also offer hog roast hire Danbury packages, of which I often take advantage. If I am asked to cater a formal event such as a wedding reception, I always make sure I work in partnership with them to ensure perfect food, perfect presentation, and perfect service. This time, however, most of the hard work was going to be down to the kitchen staff at the pub itself. Therefore, I had no need to contact The Spitting Pig for their hog roast hire Danbury services. All I needed to do was set up just out back in their covered seating area, and concentrate on making the food the best it could be.

To begin with, I arrived quite early, long before anyone else, and after setting up the Titan, I scored the hog and gave it a good rub with a specially-made mix of herbs and spices, salt and olive oil. This ensures the meat remains as moist as can be and the crackling is award-winning. I set the hog to roasting early because with a beast this size it could well take up to six hours to complete. I also marinated the sirloin of beef, but with this taking far less time than the hog, possibly only an hour or two, depending on size, I was able to set this aside for a time in order for it to absorb all the great flavours of the marinade.

In what seemed like no time at all, the meat was well on its way to perfection, and the place was buzzing with people, anxious to get some of the pub's well-publicised Sunday Spit Roast. And, as I expected, hog roast Danbury was a roasting success with many happy customers going home well-satisfied. To my mind, this is the only way to run a business.