Hog Roast Cowes

Cowes, overlooking the Solent from the estuary of the River Medina this is a place rich in tradition and traditional values. There’s history everywhere you look. Long associated with boat and sail making (the first hovercraft was tested here, remember) this is a busy and enterprising town. The people here love a challenge, that’s clear. From the fortifications built by Henry VIII to dissuade the French from invasion to the passion they have for regattas, the locals certainly know how to work hard… and how to enjoy themselves too. Great news for the teams here at chef and griddle because that’s what we’re all about; hog roast Cowes style!

A quick look at the diary tells you we have to be on our toes too because no two days are ever the same. We’re catering for all sorts of events and special occasions. On Monday it’s the Captain’s retirement party (say nothing – the party bit’s a secret!). On Wednesday afternoon we’re catering for the Thompsons’ wedding over in Whippingham and on Friday evening there’s a formal black tie hog roast dinner for the staff of a certain retail chain. Then we go out and about across the island. It’s all go when it comes to feeding the good people of Cowes. It must be the bracing sea air that gives them an appetite!

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Of course all this means we have to be flexible and creative in our approach to each and every one of the dining experiences we provide… but luckily, like the natives, we always rise to a challenge. Indoors or out, a small family gathering or a full on regatta crowd, with twenty years’ experience behind us we’re ready for just about anything. Our mission is to create fabulous bespoke dining experiences ; the kind of hog roast Cowes (or at least your special bit of it) will be talking about for a long , long time afterwards.

We too like a bit of tradition. In fact we love working with customers in a service that blends an ancient form of cooking with a very contemporary presentation style. All our ingredients are organic and we always do our best to find local suppliers - including your splendid pre-selected hog which will come from a specialist local farm. It’s something with which George IV would have been very familiar when he first brought the yachting craze to Cowes back in the 1800s and let’s face it, by all accounts he certainly knew a thing or two about good food. Our teams create and prepare all the food on the day (or night) of your event. Fresh baked bread and soft floured rolls, tangy speciality sauces (ok, our mustard is good but the apple sauce wins hands own!) and a choice of potato and salad options are all available… and you can bet our friendly service staff won’t let plates go empty for long. There’s also a delicious selection of indulgent desserts for you too. In fact, we’ve a range of menus from which you can choose what you’d like for your special occasion, whether it’s an informal buffet or a classic marquee event. All of this, remember, built around a beautiful, aromatic hog as it slowly bastes itself over an open flame. The smell of succulent ,melt-in-the-mouth meat and golden brown crunchy crackling… it’s a potent mix. No need to worry about any vegetarians missing out either because we can organise a veggie spit roast just for them. Everyone deserves to enjoy this unique culinary adventure!

If you’re someone who enjoys being proactive, why not try our hog roast hire Cowes? Cowes people - or at least a considerable number of them - seem to relish such a challenge. We’ll deliver all the machinery and utensils you’ll need and with one of our chefs on hand throughout for ‘top tips’ you’ll be the one making it all appear very easy!