Hog Roast Chipping Sodbury

Chipping Sodbury may at first appear to be one of the United Kingdom’s less remarkable market towns but sometimes you need to dig a little beneath the surface to find out what’s really going on. There are a number of festivals take place in the town including a Christmas fair and a charming Victorian Evening. In short, Chipping Sodbury is a pleasant town that around five thousand people call home. Somebody else who would have called Chipping Sodbury home for a short time would have been none other than J K Rowling who was born here and lived here in her early years. Maybe some of her inspiration for the Harry Potter books came from Chipping Sodbury?

Going back to the Christmas fair, in addition to the stalls, rides and choirs there is a hog roast usually held, something that this area of Gloucestershire is getting something of a taste for. You see, hog roast is, despite its Medieval roots, becoming something of a modern day hero when it comes to special occasion catering. Indeed the hog roast Chipping Sodbury event is becoming more popular month by month.

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I think it’s fair to say that a choosing a hog roast hire Chipping Sodbury caterer to provide the food for a special event would not have been the obvious choice for many people a few years ago. Many people still see hog roast as a bit of a wild, free for all food eaten by some mad characters. Nothing could be further from the truth, and as you will see, a hog roast Chipping Sodbury event can be an extremely sophisticated affair indeed.

It may help if I explain why hog roast seems to be top of everyone’s list for event catering after years in the wilderness. It is a little odd to see such an old feast make a return to our functions but modern trends seemed to have worked in the favour of hog roast. There does seem to have been a surge in the popularity of ‘proper’ food in recent times. The chefs on TV are probably to thank for this interest as extolling the virtues of great tasting, back to basics fresh food has been something of a recurring theme of recent years. And when it comes to event catering nothing is fresher or more back to basics than a hog roast.

There’s a lot more to it though than simply picking a pig and cooking it, mind. Any suggestion to the hog roast hire Chipping Sodbury caterer that hog roast is a walk in the park will be met with look of disbelief, and quite right too. Cooking a hog roast is a very intensive process and one that requires a significant amount of time and effort. This is a far cry from the simpler catering solutions that have spoilt many a special occasion over the years. The hard work begins when the chef has to select the perfect pig for the event. It sounds simple and you may be asking yourself ‘isn’t one pig just like another?’ but you would be very wrong. Hog roast chefs are very particular about the pig they choose. They have to be top quality, from a local supplier in the Chipping Sodbury area and have to have just the right amount of fat for the crackling. Not as simple as picking a pizza from the freezer, is it?

You may be wondering how hog roast can possibly be the ideal choice for more formal occasions, after all it is more often associated for being served as hot hog roast rolls or ‘pig in a bun’ as they are sometimes known. Certainly hog roast seems an unusual option but you may be surprised to learn that it works incredibly well, and a lot of that is down to the sterling work of the hog roast chef. A gourmet hog roast meal shows off the versatility of this feast at its very best. The chef will professionally carve the hog roast to provide superb looking slices of meat. This, together with apple sauce, the obligatory crackling, vegetables and potatoes makes for a quite stunning meal that will suit the most formal and special of occasions. Wedding breakfast? Absolutely.

Despite its Medieval roots, a Chipping Sodbury hog roast really can be the answer to your catering questions, whether formal or footloose and fancy free, a hog roast is a lot more versatile and certainly a far tastier solution than all the usual catering has beens ever were!