Hog Roast Chippenham

There is a certain something about old English towns that you simply don’t find anywhere else. It is very difficult to pinpoint exactly what it is, but you know it when you experience it. It is that combination of beautiful old architecture and quaint (and often quirky) surroundings that makes these places so special and why tourists from all over the world flock to Britain every year to see this for themselves.

There are hundreds of towns in the UK that would fit the description just given, one example of which would be Chippenham in Wiltshire. This town is home to around about forty thousand people and is that wonderful mix of eccentric and traditional. Fine old buildings and festivals sit side by side. What a wonderful place.

However just because Chippenham is a town of great history, it certainly doesn’t mean that it’s stuck in the past. When it comes to catering for great events then the people of this fine market town know what’s current though, strangely enough, it’s got a Medieval flavour! Hog roast Chippenham.

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Yes, it does seem odd that twenty first century Britain should be looking to a Medieval dish as its catering saviour but that is exactly what is happening here in Chippenham and across the UK. Hog roast hire Chippenham caterers are now the top of every event organisers to-do list, so if you have an event lined up that you need to start getting sorted, it may well be time to look into the many remarkable benefits that hog roast has to offer.

But before we start getting ahead of ourselves and plan your hog roast Chippenham event, let’s consider a few important factors first. Just what sort of event do you have in mind? Is it going to be a big birthday bash or a celebratory anniversary? Is it going to be wetting the baby’s head party or a charity fundraiser? Maybe it’s going to be a corporate business style event? Well, whatever the event you are planning to host, be it formal or informal, posh or free for all, a hog roast hire Chippenham caterer will certainly help your event meet all your guests expectations, and that’s because hog roast is one of the most versatile catering solutions you will find.

Think about hog roast and the chances are you will picture a big wild boar roasting over an open fire. Steady on, times have changed. There is no wild boar involved and the fire? Well, health and safety saw to that. Instead you should be thinking of how hog roast can meet the demands of a posh formal event or a good old knees up. Well, it may come as a surprise to you that hog roast makes a wonderful formal meal solution if that is what you are after. Just because hog roast has a rough and ready reputation, it does not mean that it has to be served that way. With some chef magic from the Chippenham chef, you can have a gourmet hog roast meal fit for a king, queen, aunty or managing director. And of course, if you do want to keep things informal yet incredibly tasty, hot hog roast rolls are simply the best you can get.

There are some other things you should remember when it comes to hog roast. It is a proper meal! Sounds daft, I know, but so many other catering options simply bypass the cooking part and are frozen foods warmed up. Incredible, what is so special about that? No such issues with a hog roast chef, for they take an immense amount of pride in each hog roast, using only the finest quality meat and employing a six hour roasting process. Six hours! Now that is real cooking! They even cook the hog roast on a specially developed hog roasting machine. Now how’s about that for dedication?

Hog roast is also a big food that is ideal for the biggest of parties. You may think well, of course it’s a big food. It’s a whole pig and whole pigs are, well...big! You are right of course, but did you realise just how big? Did you realise that a standard sized hog roast can feed over a hundred people? Yes, I thought not.

Just like Chippenham, hog roast is a unique blend of great traditions and modern technology that keeps everyone delighted. No need to accept poor, bland imitations of catering food when you can have a great Chippenham hog roast.