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We all know Chepstow is in a lovely place. But what really makes it special is the people, the businesses, the industry and social life – in short, the community. And here at Hog Roast Chepstow, we believe that food plays an integral role in what makes any town a good place to live, with Chepstow being no different. We are an exciting and professional catering company whose aim is to deliver consistent quality catering services to the people of Chepstow and the surrounding areas, and for their events. We recognise that in this day and age, it is not enough for caterers to rest on their laurels, and we’re always thinking of new ways to improve.

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But we like to think we have a good service already, a competitive one which provides you with the flexibility you need to put on a first-class event, whether that means a fun time with close friends, a memorable wedding, or a successful corporate event – we do it all. We excel in hog roast catering, and we have become renowned for the quality of our hog roasts. We believe it is both an adaptable and delicious way to cook food, so perfect for modern catering needs. But what we have proven is that the hog roast is so adaptable because it fits in so well in different places; from a rustic hog roast served in a roll with sauce and trimmings, to as the centrepiece of main course in an ornate three-course meal – well-cooked meat will always have a good place, especially meat cooked on our custom-designed spit-roasting machines. So you see, Hog Roast Chepstow is more than just hog roasts, but we never stray far from our roots. Despite that, our talented chefs have devised a wide range of dishes, from canapés to coffees, we have all the bases covered, so that our classic roasts are complimented with the finest modern gourmet cuisine. And that means vegetarians and vegans can breathe a sigh of relief! Even though we keep meat at the centre of what we do, there are so many different options, that you could even tailor the menu (we work closely with all our customers on this) to make it entirely vegetarian or vegan friendly. Not bad for a hog roast caterer!

All this comes down to our dedication and willingness to go the extra mile: we have extra enthusiastic office and field staff who work together with you to help you put on the perfect event. Our ethos is to do as much as we can to give you the event you want; from offering a rental service for our machines, to providing waiting staff and cutlery, to giving you the option of customising your menu, no request is too big or small for us. We receive excellent customer feedback on exactly these points; the politeness and helpfulness of our staff, the quality of our locally sourced food, and our flexibility.

To find out for yourself, get in touch soon to start planning your event!