Hog Roast Chard

Our hog roast hire Chard team enjoyed some great events this week. A sleepy little market town with lots of history, it was a lovely place to visit, despite the terrible weather which seems to follow us wherever we go at the moment. Travelling south for the winter like geese, Chef and Griddle went to Chard, not hunting for food but providing it!

Unfortunately, the museum and heritage centre in Chard is closed at the moment but I look forward to visiting when it reopens in March 2013. The entire museum is run by volunteers which is amazing really. It’s so brilliant that the local people are so in touch with their heritage! Chard is the hometown of John Stringfellow who achieved the first ever powered flight and I was told by a local resident that the museum is a lovely tribute to him. There is also some beautiful architecture across the town, my favourite being the Grade I listed church of St Mary the virgin.

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The local abattoir means that fresh, local meat is always available and this was a particular help recently when catering for a winter’s eve get together for a large group of friends. Despite the bitter weather the rain held off and the use of a large gazebo and outdoor heaters meant that there was plenty of shelter from the cold! The Chef and Griddle team wrapped up warm with hats, scarves and several pairs of socks to serve the guests who were also dressed in several layers. But it was a beautiful atmosphere with the light and warmth from the hog roast illuminating the entire garden.

The hostess wanted to support her local area by sourcing as many of the ingredients as possible locally. She opted for hog roast Chard because Chef and Griddle can provide such a service! All the food we provided was locally sourced and cooked on site to perfection. The hostess decided on the Hog Roast gourmet buffet because of the gorgeous spit roasted pig and the delicious Spanish quiche which is one of our vegetarian alternatives on this menu.

Surprisingly, Chard is not only the name of a town in Somerset but it is also the name of a leafy vegetable that can be used in Mediterranean cooking. So while working in Chard, the chef had to add this into the Green Leaf salad! Our salads are just as important as the meats as they have to compliment the roast perfectly and our chef managed to tantalise the taste buds of the guests with every dish that was served as part of the buffet.

Similarly, at Chef and Griddle, we believe the vegetarian dishes are just as important as the hog roast. While we specialise in gorgeous, mouth watering meats (of all shapes and sizes!) we understand that not every guest eats meat. That’s why you’ll find many different vegetarian options that are just as appetising as our hog roasts. The buffet we provided for the party had numerous dishes, many which could be enjoyed with or without a roast and all which were delightfully delicious.

Hog roast Chard was definitely the right option as the party was so busy and the hostess was worried about having to clean up afterwards! But that wasn’t an issue because just as we bring everything we need with us... we also take it away. There was not a single flower out of place by the time we had finished and she was really pleased with the success of the event, promising to recommend hog roast hire Chard to her friends.

Chard is a lovely place, one that I hope the Chef and Griddle team get to visit again soon (it would be nice to visit again when the museum is back up and running so we can pop in). Hog roast hire Chard is all ready and raring to go for our next visit to this sleepy little village and hopefully the weather will pick up for our next visit, although Chef and Griddle can provide successful buffets whatever the weather.