Hog Roast Castletown

Formerly home to the Tynwald before they decamped to Douglas there’s more to this is picturesque little hamlet than meets the eye. Much more. The fishing boats are far fewer these days but a new financial base has developed at a rate of knots and clearly the good folk of this southern corner of the Isle of Man are quick at spotting new avenues to explore and going for it. This suits us at chef and griddle down to the ground because we enjoy a challenge too… and they certainly keep us on our toes as we create our famous hog roast Castletown style! We pride ourselves on delivering an ancient style of dining that harks back to the Middle Ages but in with very contemporary feel . Certainly the demand suggests hog roasts are as popular today as they were for the original inhabitants of the impressive Castle Rushan all those years ago. Quality, they say, never goes out of fashion.

‘Busy’ is the right description too; from private soirees to full on festival and tin bath championship crowds our chefs and service teams are out and about creating bespoke culinary adventures. On Monday it’s a party to celebrate Ali’s birthday in her garden overlooking the harbour . On Tuesday we’re in Ballabeg for the Major’s retirement and on Thursday evening we’re catering for a formal black tie dinner of a certain retail chain in the grounds of the castle. On Saturday we’re looking after the guests at Bob and Trish’s wedding reception (congratulations, guys!) and then… well, you get the general idea. We’ve certainly learned to be resourceful and creative in our approach to creating the kind of hog roast Castletown (or at least your special bit of it) will not forget any time soon!

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What makes it so special? Picture the scene… hungry guests, plates poised, all keen to get their teeth into the spectacular spread before them. Crisp canapés, tangy homemade speciality sauces (we make a mean mustard but the apple sauce wins every time!) and all the freshly baked bread and floured rolls you could want plus loads of potato and salad options. All of this, remember, centred around your magnificent sizzling hog as it slowly turns and bastes itself over an open flame. The irresistible aroma, the melt-in-the-mouth slices of meat cooked to perfection (it’s where the phrase ‘done to a turn’ comes from after all!) and the crunch of golden crackling. What’s not to relish? Our chefs use only top quality ingredients , wholly organic, and wherever possible they’re locally sourced. All food is prepared fresh on the day (or night) to give your guests a sensational dining experience… or at least it will be when they’ve indulged themselves with one of our delicious desserts to round it all off!

What about the vegetarian guests? We believe that no-one should miss out on the fun and novelty of this special occasion and to that end we’re only too happy to provide them with a veggie spit roast all of their own. The key is thorough planning and expert delivery based on over twenty years’ experience. Our Event Planners work very closely through the choice of menu options and styles with you so that whether it’s indoors or out, a fun family ‘do’ or a classic corporate marquee event, your event will run without a hitch. All you have to do is enjoy the big day with your special guests.

Very often we’re asked whether people can run their own hog roasts. Of course; nothing easier. We’re happy to oblige with our Hog Roast Hire Castletown people, it seems, love the chance to be more ‘hands on’ hosts! We deliver (and later collect) all the machinery and tools you need straight to the venue and with our professional chef beside you for a little expert know-how, it’s your turn to make it look easy.