Hog Roast Burnley

Burnley: the name itself sound truly Lancastrian, and indeed, this is one most Lancastrian towns you can find. Burnley was one of the kingpins of the industrial revolution, becoming one of the most important mill towns, not just in Britain but in the world. Unfortunately, Burnley’s mills heyday has passed but many hope for a new dawn for this proud town of over seventy thousand people. A new dawn seemed to be on the cards for the Burnley football team when, against all odds, it achieved promotion to the Premier League in 2009, though sadly the team could not maintain Premier League status and were relegated at the end of the season.

Just as Burnley has shown through bouncing back to the fop flight in football, you can always make a comeback. The same can be said of that old Medieval feast, hog roast. Hog roast seemed have to have all but disappeared from the menu at major events many years ago and seemed destined to be just an occasional visitor to the special occasion calendar, but it now seems that Hog roast has won itself a new legion of fans and this is helping it enjoy something of a hog roast renaissance in towns like Burnley and far beyond. Could this be the start of the hog roast Burnley fightback, just like the Clarets managed in the Premier League?

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If any food deserved a new lease of life then it has to be hog roast. This fine old meal is one of the shining lights of Medieval dining. It is only fitting that hog roast hire Burnley chefs and many others in the region are seeing a surge in demand for this incredible meat. If you are currently planning a big event, whether a corporate function or something a little more loose and fun filled, hog roast may just be the catering solution your Burnley event is crying out for.

Freshly prepared? Of course. The hog roast chef will delight your Bromsgrove diners by cooking the hog roast at the venue for all to see. It will have been prestarted though, as the full cooking takes six hours! This is proper cooking don’t forget. And as for the ingredients, well only the best, of course. A quality whole pig from a quality supplier will ensure prime pork perfection.

So, is it a formal or informal occasion? Not that it really matters if hog roast is your catering weapon of choice, because hog roast can meet the demands of either with ease. Hog roast Burnley formal events can surprise the diner with platefuls of stunningly presented meat alongside apple sauce and crackling. Gourmet hog roast that will taste simply delicious. But if you need catering that can eaten with one hand whilst the other carries a glass of bubbly, hog roast rolls will keep your Burnley crowd dancing.

How big is your event going to be? You have sorted out your numbers yet, haven’t you? Well, if not, why not add a few extra names to it, because hog roast goes a long way. A single hog roast of typical size will more than happily feed over a hundred clarets supporters with ease. Not only is that a lot of people but it represents great value for money, too. All from one pig!

Taste certainly won’t be an issue. Hog roast is well known for being one of the tastiest meals this side of the Pennines (well, and on the other side, too). Why so tasty? Because the Burnley hog roast chef doesn’t do things by halves. That’s why they use only the very best whole pigs from reputable suppliers, ensuring your Burnley hog roast will be rolling in flavour. Six long hours of roasting also go some way to helping it taste incredible, too. Of course, you could always stick to a hot pot supper...but doesn’t a Burnley hog roast sound like a premier league quality meal to you?