Hog Roast Bristol

Here at Chef and Griddle we know that food at any event is very important. In fact, it is often the main thing talked about and one of the most remembered points of the day. We are, after all, creatures of comfort in the end. A good meal is remembered for a long time; and the image of a hog roast Bristol event is one which musters up the warmth of a traditional British meal in addition to tantalising the taste buds. Though there is no doubt that the practice of hog roasting has been around for longer than we can be sure, it seems that is was most popular in England during the middle ages. Of course, the cooking of an entire hog could feed a great deal of people at once – not to mention, made a great centrepiece at banquets and feasts. The cooking method of skewering a pig and roasting it over an open fire can’t have been easy for whoever was turning the spit for hours.

Today, hog roasting is really taking off, and we are very happy to offer competitive prices and excellent service in Bristol. Exactly why hog roast in Bristol catering is becoming so popular is quite clear; for one, a whole roasting hog is quite the spectacle and looks fantastic as a highlight of your event. The taste, of course, is another reason; our hog roast hire Bristol machines cook the meat to perfection. And then there’s the fact that one hog can feed a great deal of people. Given the current economic climate, we are proud to offer excellent service at competitive prices and eager to deliver exactly what you need for your event. If you need staff to wait on tables, we can provide them. If you want a specially trained chef to carve the roast, we can provide that too.

We can cater to events with hundreds of guests, as our hog roasting machines are capable of cooking entire pigs of up to 100kg in weight. At large events we can provide waiting staff, and usually only need to provide one chef; we also offer delivery of a hog roasting machine for hire should you wish to lay claim to the pride of cooking a whole hog for your guests in Bristol. Nothing is quite so impressive and theatrical as a full pig roasting to perfection over one of our expertly made roasting machines. It is certainly the talk of the party! The room fills with the delectable scent of pork crackling and roasting wonderfully, and - if needed - we can provide canapés and finger foods while your guests wait.

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Of course one of the main things we are complimented on when providing or cooking a hog roast is the taste. Nothing really can beat it as far as British, traditional and filling food goes. Cooked for six hours, the heat has a long time to really permeate into the meat and cook it fully and perfectly inside and out. The skin is always left crackly and delicious, and tastes wonderful with apple sauce whether its on a plate garnished with potatoes and salad, or heartily heaped into a soft, flowery bun.

For those based in the North or indeed the South East of the United Kingdom, it can be easy to forget just how important and influential the city of Bristol has been (and still is) on the whole of the nation. Bristol really does seem to have its finger on the pulse of the nation in so many different ways. Not a bad thing, considering that this city is home to over four hundred thousand people.

Bristol may not be at the central heart of England as it was in its pre-industrial revolution years but it has now re-established itself as one of the most important locations in the United Kingdom. Its cultural importance is not in doubt as Bristol is often seen as a hotbed of arts related talents, with a particularly significant number of well known music acts coming from the city including Massive Attack and Roni Size.

A city of Bristol’s size is obviously going to be home to a large number of events throughout the calendar year and a large number of these are going to be private events such as birthdays, anniversaries, Christenings, wedding receptions or corporate events, so catering is a big thing round here. If you live in Bristol and are looking to organise just such an event, where would you be looking for catering inspiration? How about going back in time and making it a hog roast Bristol event?

Don’t laugh, I am being quite serious. In fact anyone dismissing hog roast hire Bristol catering really should think again, as this could be the real, answer to all your catering dilemmas. Bristol is at the heart of the nation’s cultural heartbeat don’t forget, so when Bristol does something, the UK takes note. You could argue that’s just what is happening with hog roast.

Hog roast is of course a famous medieval dish and that is part of the enduring appeal of this dish. Its simplicity, aesthetics and flavour make it a timeless hit and very definitely a favourite of the modern day crowd who care passionately about their food, and this all makes the hog roast hire Bristol caterer a person who is very much in demand when it comes to supplying some of the very best special occasion and party food currently available.

So, why is it so special and why will it work for your event? Make it a hog roast Bristol event and you are going to make a lot of people very happy, especially if they are used to attending events where the catering is the usual sorry excuse of fast frozen solutions or bland ‘safe’ options. There’s nothing bland or frozen about the great British hog roast. This is true cooking that will really hit the spot with all of your guests.

Hog roast is one of the most versatile catering options out there. You need to think of hog roast in Bristol cultural terms, almost like an actor who can turn their talents to a wide range of wildly differing roles. So let’s suppose you have a very important corporate event that you have to organise. You need a quality sit down meal that looks good, tastes fantastic and that impresses your guests. You could of course play it safe but why not show some initiative and serve gourmet hog roast. Your Bristol hog roast chef can carve a stunning plateful of food and, served with crackling, sauce and vegetables, it really will make for a majestic meal.

Maybe your event is more of a fun and action packed evening? If so, there really is nothing quite like hot hog roast rolls. With a taste to die for, hog roast rolls are the ultimate in high quality party food that everyone can enjoy.

It may be worth you noting that hog roast looks expensive but it could be one of the better value options available to you. Hog roast is a whole cooked pig (a quality one at that) so you do get a great amount of meat but did you realise you actually get enough to serve over one hundred people? That could really bring down your cost per head. Certainly worth thinking about.

Hog roast really does tick all the boxes when it comes to finding that perfect catering solution. It looks incredible whilst it’s cooking and tastes incredible after. It uses quality meat and is one of the most versatile options out there. For such a great city as Bristol, hog roast seems like the perfect choice.