Hog Roast Braintree

Ever heard of Branchetreu? Well, unless you keep a handy copy oof the Domesday Book handy then it is pretty unlikely that you will recognise this unusually named place. It’s actually a bit of a trick question, because Branchetreu is an early name for Braintree in Essex.

Braintree certainly has some history, with records of the town dating back over four thousand years or so. It is something of a chequered history, too, with the Great Plague bringing disaster to the town, killing a third of the town’s population, which at the time was around two and a half thousand. The town has since gone from strength to strength and is now home to around forty two thousand people. Perhaps in the less darker periods of Braintree’s history, there were great times of celebration and joviality. Maybe these were accompanied by great feasts, quite possibly of the hog roast Braintree variety.

The hog roast hire Braintree option may be something that is growing in popularity now but history would suggest that hog roast was a staple of special celebratory events in years gone by. A hog roast would have been a grand affair with a whole host of important people no doubt present for the proceedings. If it was good enough for them then surely a hog roast is good enough for you and your guests, too?

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By making your special evening a hog roast Braintree celebration, you are choosing to do something just that little bit different to normal. Where others are going for the easy option of bringing in ready prepared food such as pizzas and chicken drumsticks, you are rising above the humdrum and making a bit of a statement. Maybe this is the reason why hog roast is making some serious waves in UK catering circles. When it comes to hog roast, everything else just seems a little bit ordinary!

Freshly prepared, quality food is the name of the game when it comes to hog roast. How many events have you been to where all the food is already cooked and laid out? Quite a few, I’d guess. But how long has that food been ready? I have no doubt that it’s healthy but what about the taste? It’s going to suffer and, let’s face it, it doesn’t look very ‘special’ for your special occasion, does it? Shouldn’t a special occasion mean the food should be equally special and dazzle your guests? The beauty of hog roast is that this is a freshly prepared feast that truly dazzles your guests in every respect.

As any chef will tell you, the ingredients have to be quality for the meal to come up to scratch. Hog roast chefs sing from the same hymn sheet. Which means top quality meat has to be used for every hog roast, namely a fine quality pig from a respectable source. With good quality meat, the hog roast is halfway there, but the cooking will certainly take the hog roast to the next level.

Cooking a Braintree hog roast certainly retains the principles of Medieval cooking but gives them a decidedly twenty first century spin. A large open fire can prove a little hard to find in most venues and back gardens, so the hog roast chef has a new tool to rely on; the hog roast machine. This fine looking piece of equipment enables the Braintree hog roast chef to cook the whole pig to absolute perfection. Perfection does take a little time though, which is why a typical size whole pig requires a good six hours roasting to achieve hog roast perfection. An extra bonus for your guests is that they will be able to see the closing stages of the hog roast cooking process for themselves.

So much for pre made sandwiches and hours old food. Give your guests something special at your Braintree event and serve them delicious, wholesome hog roast.