Hog Roast Bath

Few cities in the UK, let alone the world, can lay claim to a history quite as rich as Bath. This Somerset city needs little introduction as it is widely known as a world heritage site, and this city’s history and fine architecture only serves to reinforce that status.

Bath is home to nearly eighty-four thousand people and is a living museum to iron age, Roman and Medieval history. But Bath has a modern side too, with a little bit of pig here and there! Decorative pigs and hog roast Bath pigs.

Okay the decorative pigs were part of the ‘King Bladud’s Pigs in Bath’ event back in 2008, where one hundred and four rather colourful pigs were displayed throughout Bath. Those pigs have gone but hog roast is well and truly here to stay in Bath. It’s no surprise as, with its medieval heritage, Bath will have hog roast in its DNA. World heritage Bath is hog roast Bath, too.

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Walk round this city and you can imagine the residents of medieval Bath tucking in to a hog roast on every corner and in every old building. Hog roast really is a historic feast that fed large numbers and to some extent that is happening in modern day Bath too.

A few hundred years on and hog roast is now being enjoyed by people across the UK in towns, villages and cities, Bath being no exception. What is the lasting appeal of hog roast and how has it survived the test of time in Bath and everywhere else?

Hog roast is probably the oldest comfort food there is. Humans find comfort in hot, wholesome meals and hog roast probably appeals to our inner ancestors, the ones who had to hunt and kill their own meals if they wanted to survive. Thankfully, times have moved on and Bath’s hog roast caterers mean we don’t have to worry about the hunting and killing any more. Indeed all we have to concern ourselves with is the eating and enjoying our hog roast Bath feasts.

Of course, in medieval times, hog roast would have been enjoyed by a crowd (or a tribe even) and again, that could explain our continued passion for hog roast all these years later. A hog roast has become a popular choice at birthdays, weddings, christenings, anniversaries and any other excuse for a big Bath celebration. But hog roast is also finding favour as the choice meal at VIP business events where the need to get those deals shaken on and staff motivated is essential. Hog roast is a power food for power occasions, which hints once more at the days when Bath was a city of powerbrokers.

You can look too deeply into the history and psychology of hog roasts in Bath. Actually, there is no need. All people really need to know is that hog roast is a timeless classic that, whatever the occasion, can play an important part in uniting people with its incredible flavours. Food and city together in history, that is hog roast and Bath.