Hog Roast Basildon

Hog roast Basildon was once something of a magnet for the media on general election evenings. It was often seen as a good indicator as to the eventual election result. There’s a lot more to this Essex town of one hundred and eighty thousand something people though. Music is at the heart of Basildon being the home town to all the original members of Depeche Mode plus the singer Alison Moyet. If nothing else, Basildon is home to some serious musical talent. It’s also playing host to some tasty catering talent, too, namely hog roast hire Basildon.

Hog roast Basildon style is proving to be a popular choice for any special events in and around Basildon. Whether it is galas, sports events, school proms, anniversaries, concerts and weddings, all need that little special bit of food magic to make them stand out.

But these are tough times in the UK, so affordable catering solutions that are also great tasting and excellent quality are at a premium, especially if you run a charity, voluntary organisation or a small business. Well, Basildonians, do not worry. It is times like these that hog roast could have been invented for. Whatever the occasion you may are planning, hog roast can light up your Basildon event with some of the most incredible flavours you will ever taste, and better still, at a low cost you thought impossible to cater for. Delicious food such as hog roast may look and taste expensive but it represents some of the very best catering value around, with your typical hog roast feast serving more than one hundred hungry Basildon guests.

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Over a hundred servings should easily cater for most Basildon events and more importantly, hog roast is a stupendously brilliant tasting meal. Everyone seems to absolutely love the flavour of hog roast and there is little doubt that your Basildon event guests will be big fans of this pork perfection, too. Hog roast is packed with big powerful flavours, making it a real favourite with everyone who tries it. It really is only a matter of time before the UK goes hog roast crazy.

Hog roast’s incredible flavours are mainly down to two important factors. The first is probably the most basic and the fundamental rule of great cooking, and that is always to start off with the best possible ingredients. If you know that the raw ingredients are of supreme quality then you are halfway there. This is why the Basildon hog roast caterer takes great care in choosing a pig that is of the very best quality and that comes from a highly reputable source. The right pig always does the trick.

And then there is the slow roasting. This really does make a difference. You may remember when you were growing up how long the Sunday roast would take in the oven. Chances are that it was in there for a fair few hours, and it’s no surprise that many people say the traditional Sunday roast is their favourite meal. Well those same principles apply to hog roast. Slow roasting works utter magic on meat, and hog roast is no exception. It is for this simple reason that hog roast is slow roasted on the special hog roast machine for six long hours. These six hours help all the incredible juicy flavours in the meat mature, making for incredible tasting meat. If you ever wondered why a hog roast event was one of the best smelling events too, you now know why.

Hog roast rolls for that informal Basildon party or finely carved and beautifully presented hog roast for a more formal and smarter occasion, hog roast is one of the most versatile catering solutions around and one that everyone seems to love. If you have a big event lined up and you are in the process of making the catering plans, a Basildon hog roast chef should high up on your list of priorities.