Hog Roast Barkham

Barkham is a beautiful rural parish and famous for its manor house which receives scores of visitors every year. The village is surrounded by dairy farm land and seems set back in time in some areas. To the north of the village is where the locals live and they are passionate about the village and if ever you ask a question to a local you are given a history lesson! The locals are so proud of their heritage and proud of us too! We are Hog roast Barkham catering a fairly new addition to the village made up of locals old and new but we all have one thing in common the love of real food! We believe in more is better and that is what you get with us a banquet of food, food fit for a king. We are out in all weathers braving the frost and rain serving our customers. You can hire us for any occasion and we are really reasonable too! For anyone who does not understand what hog roasting is all about then let me explain. Hog roasting is basically cooking a pig over a fire like you see in old movies and it was actually introduced by our distant relatives the cave men! It is also used around the world to day.

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We have simplified the process but the method is exactly the same. Hog roast hire Barkham use machinery that run on gas making them so portable enabling you to use them any where. We roast a full pig they are our speciality and we can also roast any other meat you fancy. Hog roast Barkham catering are not highly skilled chefs as you don’t need to be we are cooks who like good old fashioned food. So now you know what hog roasting is all about we will tell you what we do if you book us. We come in our large van bright and early you can’t miss us Hog roast hire Barkham logo is everywhere! We get straight into action we wheel in our machines and then get the meat on straight away, the sooner the better as we don’t like to keep our guests waiting. We then set the tables and cook everything fresh on site nothing is ever pre cooked as that simply wouldn’t do! Your guests are usually buzzing around the machines as they are so intrigued at the sight of the pig and we like to put an apple in his mouth just for show! When we start to carve we take centre stage! We look so professional but we will let you into a secret it is really easy. When all the food is cooked we get it on your table as quickly as possible as your guests will be famished by now! The taste is what hog roasting is all about, the pig has the crunchiest crackling you have ever tasted and the meat below is so tender and full of flavour, chickens are plump and juicy and taste out of this world! Gone are the days of dry turkey it really is a thing of the past our meats are never ever dry. One thing is always apparent at one of our events and that is conversation and it is normally focused on us! But that is what we absolutely love about hog roasting and that is the sense of bringing people together, it does not matter what your stature male or female young or old everyone can come together and talk about hog roasting it will have your guests chuckling we love looking around and seeing the reaction on your guests faces especially when they see the pig! After everyone has eaten any meat that is left over we pack in our special boxes give it to the host as it will keep nice and fresh for a few days. But if we are being honest you will be lucky to have any meat left as it is normally all gone! Same with any food that is left is obviously yours and the bread buns are delicious and cannot be wasted. We only take home the rubbish and meat bones. We leave your venue immaculate you won’t even know we have been as we are so thorough and we make sure all is clean and tidy. We take such pride in our job and we really feel blessed having what we all consider as being the best job in the whole wide world!