Hog Roast Ballasalla

The Isle of Man is one of the hidden treasures of the United Kingdom. Caught between Scotland Ireland and England. The island has something to offer everyone. A modern yet very traditional place. The village of Ballasalla is just one of its many treasures. Home to the beautiful Silverdale Glen and the imposing St Marks Church, Ballasalla residents can rightly be proud of their beautiful village.

There is more to Manx village life than beautiful surroundings. Ballasalla is still a place for business, socialising and friendship. Special occasions in the village are common and deserve an equally special touch, so would you go and spoil a special occasion with a poor excuse for party food? Of course not. You really want to make it a hog roast Ballasalla event.

Hog roast is the perfect solution for a wide range of special events and occasions. And if you have never sampled hog roast before then you really are in for a treat. The hog roast hire Ballasalla chef takes immense pride in every aspect of roasting process. Indeed, hog roast Ballasalla is something of a labour of love. Did you know the average hog roast takes up to six hours to cook? It seems like a long time but it means all those precious flavours held with the pig are slowly released, making the meat ultra tender and succulent. Great food takes time...and hog roast is great food.

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Hog roast is real back to basics food, which is probably why it is now so popular. People have become a little fed up with the over the top ‘spreads’ at functions and are looking for something with a little tradition and simplicity. However back to basics does not mean ordinary. Hog roast can form the centrepiece of your events catering and it excels at occasions where you are really crying out for a quality meal that does not blow your budget. The hog roast chef is able to professionally carve you a splendid plate of food that looks like it was served in a top eating house. Crispy crackling and apple sauce plus vegetables makes for an incredible meal that will stun your guess and impress your business associates. Your guests will also be delighted at the sheer visual delight that is a hog roast. The splendid whole pig roasting away on the glistening hog roast machine is a glorious sight to behold and serves not only as a great piece of entertainment but also that your guests are enjoying fresh cooking and not some hastily warmed up meal that was prepared yesterday.

Of course, not every event in Ballasalla is a formal affair and there will be plenty of occasions where you need to cater for something a little more informal. There are so many occasions that come to mind: garden parties for friends and neighbours, birthday parties, pub quiz nights, charity events, anniversaries, charity fundraisers, sports events...the list is endless. It’s at events like these where you really need a food that is fun, carefree but packed full of flavour. Hog roast can shed its formal clothes and turn itself into the ultimate party food. Hog roast meat on rolls is a party classic and is a surefire hit with everyone. Kids love the juicy meat flavours and adults love the traditional aspect of a freshly cooked meat on rolls. There’s no denying that hog roast has something for everyone.

Something else you may want to make note of is the fact that the average hog roast can feed up to one hundred people. Think about it, one hundred people is a lot and that can really help you save some serious money when compared to alternative catering options.

If you are planning your own Ballasalla event, think about what memories you want your guests to take away with them. If you want them to be fantastic memories of great food then it just has to be a hog roast event.