Hog Roast Bakewell

There is nothing like a secret recipe to keep people guessing. Certain popular fizzy drinks have recipes that are kept under lock and key whilst certain takeaway food is known for their secret ingredients. It’s all part of the mystery that give these things a little extra romance and intrigue. But it’s not just the big brand names who indulge in secret recipe wars. It goes on in some very unlikely places, such as Bakewell in Derbyshire.

The Bakewell Pudding may not sound like the title of an Agatha Christie novel but the intrigue behind the owners of the original Bakwell Pudding recipe is certainly deserving of a novel. It appears that three Bakewell stores all claim to each own the original recipe for Bakewell Pudding. Maybe the answer will never come to light but such a mystery surrounding a pudding recipe is so very British.

There are no secrets when it comes to hog roast, in fact the only mystery surrounding this fine old feast is why it has taken so long for it to become a popular choice as a special event food. Maybe the answer is written on the back of the original Bakewell pudding recipe (wherever that may be). The Hog Roast Bakewell Mystery. Now that does sound good!

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Not surprisingly for a market town in such an attractive part of the world, Bakewell’s busy Monday market attracts a lot of interest from tourists. Being a market town has also given the locals a good knowledge of what’s involved in great food. It may well be that they know that only a great quality pig from a reliable source gives a hog roast the best possible flavour. Or that hog roast hire Bakewell style is probably the best way to guarantee a great party or special occasion function.

If this is the case then the people of Bakewell really do know their stuff, because hog roast Bakewell events (and indeed hog roast events UK wide) are really starting to take off and it’s all thanks to the amazing staying power of the hog roast. Don’t forget that hog roast is a medieval dish that spent a big part of its history feeding the high and mighty in castles and large estate buildings. Now, hog roast is being enjoyed by a whole new generation who are keen to enjoy real food at its freshly cooked best.

Hog roast is some of the freshest cooking there is. If you have not yet been to a Bakewell hog roast function then you really are in for a treat. The whole hog roast preparation and cooking is something of a real performance with the hog roast chef as the conductor and the whole pig as the orchestra. It’s a lengthy performance, mind. Hog roast takes a good six hours to cook but it is worth every minute because slow roasting helps the pig release incredible flavours. This helps make the whole pig a time bomb of incredible flavours that your Bakewell guests will adore.

If you are planning an event then you may be thinking long and hard about whether hog roast is really the right things to be serving. It may be that you think hog roast does not sound quite right for a more formal occasion such as a Bakewell wedding or corporate function, but you needn’t worry. Hog roast can rise to such occasions with ease. The hog roast chef is quite happy to prepare your hog roast in a totally professional and formal manner, leaving you and your guests with platefuls of incredibly beautiful and delicious tasting food. Or if you want to stick to a more informal style event then hog roast rolls with sauces will keep the Bakewell partygoers more than happy.

You see, the only mystery about hog roast is ‘where have you been for so long?’ Don’t have any mysteries about your next event, make sure it is a hog roast event.