Hog Roast Atherstone

Atherstone dates back as Roman times and is surrounded by pretty countryside.

Hog roast Atherstone has years of experience in the hog roast business. A hog roast is like a spit roast which was used in medieval times, a pig was hung on wood cooked over the fire. A hog roast machine is the modern day equivalent that does a similar job and the meat cooks in its own juices it keeping it tender. We offer a range of meats from pork to free range chickens. We do salads, potatoes cooked in a variety of ways including wedges and vegetables for some menus this also includes desserts. How about our chef’s special chocolate torte we also do individual menus. We cater for private parties, wedding to corporate functions. The simple menu is hog on a roll with condiments such as apple sauce ideal for a team building breakfast before going rambling. Hog roast Atherstone do wedding menus of 4 courses or more including a starter and dessert with our own wedding cake ingredients agreed with you. We can offer canapés and pre dinner drinks we supply everything needed. This means you can concentrate on socialising. If you have vegetarian guests we can do a vegetarian option and we also do fish dishes. To contact us use query form on the website or call us. We aim to reply in 24 hours with sample menus and a quote.

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Hi I used to work at one of the local pubs so I have been a guest at a few hog roasts. On my 28th birthday I decided to show everyone that I could cook. I bought some fish and lamb off hog roast hire Atherstone it was a big salmon. They delivered the hog roast machine I thought, what have I let myself in for. Hog roast hire Atherstone demonstrated it to me and I picked it up first time. The method of cooking means that the meat cooks in its own juices and keeps it succulent leaving time to socialise. This girl I had liked for ages was so impressed to see a man cooking she asked me out and we are still together now. The lamb was perfect and the fish cooked in the oven I did it with salad. My mum bought the minted potatoes as I am no cook. My boss was so impressed he booked a hog roast. Well as you can guess the lamb became the talking point and stopped my friends telling my workmates stories of me being drunk. The theme was red - my friend Ted turned up in red Jeepers creepers those shoes with thick soles. I asked the DJ to Play Jailhouse Rock then sent Ellie over to teach him how top jive anyway he ended up with a sore back. They also came at picked the machine up when it was over. That is all I am confessing to and I’m off to meet Jess bye.

Atherstone was once famous for its hats until the orders petered out in 1998. One tradition that won’t die is Shrove Tuesday. This is a ball game played on a public place- the road. The leather used to make the ball is very thick leather so it can’t go far. Red, white and blue ribbons are stuck on the ball. If you are lucky enough to grab a ribbon it can be changed for money. So if you are in that area and a bit skint join in the game. It has been around since the beginning of the 12th century and starts at Watling Street Road in Atherstone. Watling Street Road was Roman road and St Mary’s Chapel is from the same era. Try Plantasia and Mazeworld for the kids. There are mazes; an exhibition centre, nature trails , a deer park and much more. Or Twycross Zoo which includes primates and other animals such as the Inland Bearded Dragon and there is a café that for Xmas is decorated like a new-England Winter. It also supports a lot of animal conservation projects.

There over 5 hotels in Atherstone including cottages. The Red Lion Hotel and conference centre also has function rooms. There are 12 places to each from pubs such as the Bull Inn which also has live bands and the Chapel House famous for its French restaurant. So come and celebrate with us.