Hog Roast Andover

There are many hobbies that are, it is perhaps fair to say, the subject of some ridicule in many circles. Trainspotters and stamp collectors are just some who spring to mind but another one could be the home brewer. It does seem strange that home brewers should be the subject of such derision, after all they are able to produce beer and wine at a fraction of the cost of buying it from a store. However, I suspect that it is the taste of these home made products that is the target of the ridicule. I am sure that we have all experienced examples of home brew that have been odd to say the least. Not to say that all home brewed drinks are of such questionable quality. There are probably many which are superb. In fact former Andover resident Cyril Berry did quite well from writing about homebrewing, going on to sell millions of copies of his books. So, whatever you may care to think about home brew, it left a good taste in Cyril’s mouth.

Something else that leaves a good taste in the mouth is a hog roast Andover meal. Hog roast is a bit of a success story of recent years, despite being a very traditional meal indeed. Hog roast is fast becoming the catering food of choice at events up and down the country, and hog roast Andover events are becoming more and more popular every month. And the reason behind the success of hog roast? Maybe it is simply a matter of keeping things simple.

A hog roast hire Andover caterer knows that any great meal requires the right approach, and this does not always mean piling on the ingredients and adding a bit of this and a lot of that. Great food is not about too much but doing the very best with the basics, and this is why hog roast is a shining light when it comes to fantastic catering food. With a hog roast, you are looking at one primary ingredient, namely a whole pig. It is therefore essential to ensure that this whole pig is of the utmost quality, which is why the hog roast hire Andover chef goes to great lengths to choose the best possible whole pig. It has to well reared from a good local source and have just the right amount of fat. Only when the chef has found the right pig can the hog roast swing into action.

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Well, I say swing....but hog roasting is not exactly a speedy process. Far from it actually. Big joints of meat take time to cook and a whole pig is certainly no different, though there is far more to this than simply ensuring the meat is cooked through. The chef has to make sure that the all important juices that are stored in the pig are released during the cooking, and this is why it takes around six hours cooking time to produce the optimum hog roast. A long time, maybe, but your Andover guests are going to thank you for it. They are going to get to enjoy some of the tastiest meat they will ever have tasted. Hog roast meat is super tender and totally succulent and the crackling is simply out of this world. If you have never experienced the world of hog roast before then you will be in for something of a treat.

Hog roast is a versatile feast, too. It doesn’t really matter what style of function or event you are putting on, hog roast will be at home with whatever event you serve it at. For instance, the majority of people have experienced hog roast at a garden party of a birthday indoors style event. Here you will often find hog roast served on delicious rolls with a bit of crackling and a splash of apple sauce. These are extremely tasty and very moreish, but hog roast can be every bit the formal sit down dinner, too. Beautifully and professionally carved by the Andover hog roast chef, gourmet hog roast makes for a simply stunning formal meal that would grace any wedding or corporate event perfectly.

Hog roast is also a big crowd pleaser in two ways. People love to see the hog roast being tended to by the chef, as this always looks quite something but it is also capable of serving over one hundred people. Incredible, I say cheers to the Andover hog roast with a glass of fine home brewed wine!