Hog Roast Altrincham

Cheshire or Trafford? Where do you believe Altrincham belongs? Historically, Altrincham is Cheshire territory but Altrincham is now considered to be part of Trafford these days. Not that it really matters though, as this market town and its forty thousand strong population will testify.

Altrincham has developed beyond a market town into true commuter belt territory, making it a great location to live. So how do the folk of Altrincham relax when not at work. It seems that this corner of the north west is turning into hog roast hire Altrincham.

If you live and work in and around this area, perhaps it’s time you sampled the delights of hog roast Altrincham catering for yourself. Hog roast is proving really popular here and throughout the UK as an alternative to the usual catering options, and it’s not hard to see why.

Hog roast is a cost effective, great tasting and attention grabbing catering solution that is something of a crowd pleaser, adored by everyone who tries it. What is not to like? If you have an event to organise in the coming months then you really need to read on.

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At first, you may think a hog roast Altrincham event sounds a little odd, and to some extent it does. after all, hog roast has been off the catering radar for decades. For something that should have been a regular at events and functions over the years, hog roast had become the occasional option and nothing more. For some reason hog roast fell out of favour and in its place came the pizzas, burgers, chicken dinners, chilli con carnes and sandwiches. Now, there is nothing wrong with any of these things, indeed many people love them, but it’s hardly the food to set your tastebuds alight and your pulse racing, is it. Cheap maybe but exciting? Hardly.

Thankfully, the magic of hog roast survived and it seems that the appeal of a traditional great tasting meal free of artificial nonsense is finding appeal from today’s event organisers. People are longing for the back to basics approach to food and hog roast really does tick all those boxes. If that appeals to you then you need to know that hog roast chefs choose only the very best quality pigs for each Altrincham hog roast, with each pig coming from a reputable source.

Cost is always a prime concern when it comes to event food. The numbers can certainly stack up big time when you are catering for large numbers, so it is good to know that the hog roast chef is your best friend in this department, too! Hog roast may sound like the expensive and exclusive feast that it once was but you will be pleasantly surprised, especially when you learn that a typical hog roast can provide enough meat for upwards of one hundred Altrincham diners. This really is a phenomenal figure and means that you can be perhaps a little less strict on guest numbers that you thought you’d need to be.

But it is not all about the cost and the numbers of course. If you choose hog roast hire Altrincham catering then you will also be investing in a great tasting food for your event, too. Hog roast is a truly fantastic, flavoursome meat that tastes quite remarkable and certainly a world apart from almost all other catering options that you could think of. The hog roast chef is a master at coaxing out the very best flavours from the whole pig and, thanks to the incredibly effective six hour slow roasting process, you are left with a meat so succulent and tender that you will think a top chef from a leading restaurant has cooked it especially for your Altrincham guests.

If you care about providing great food for your guests and want to leave people with great memories of your event in Altrincham, make sure you make it a hog roast event.