Hog Roast Alnwick

Hog roast Alnwick is set in the idyllic County of Northumberland and has some of the best livestock and produce available in the country so take advantage of such wonderful ingredients and combine them with a traditional hog roaster with the latest in modern cooking with a twist of the old giving you wonderful and original food that is sure to blow your guests away.

This form of cooking has been around for hundreds no thousands of years and is the art of cooking food slowly on a spit over a long period some people refer to this method as rotisserie or spit roasting, the equipment we use turns the produce of choice slowly for you cooking the meats to perfection with little or no effort all that is needed is a baste every now and again to make sure the meat is staying moist and succulent ready for eating later, the time scale doesn't matter as our cookers settings can be changed so eating time is not an issue. Hog roast Alnwick do all this for you but its easy to do a hog roast and once you see us in action you might feel the urge top give hog roasting a try for yourself we are that confident in the ability of our staff and cooking equipment.

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We can install the confidence in to your cooking with our amazing hire service that gives you the power but more importantly control to pull off fantastic party food that your guests won't soon forget in a hurry. Hog roast hire Alnwick have the most up to date apparatus available, effective yet simple to use without skipping on quality, our hog roasters as we say are simple to use, our staff will give you the full run down on how and when to baste the meats, all you need to do is entertain your guests and make sure the glasses are filled in anticipation of some of the best you have ever tasted. Hog roast hire Alnwick have amazing staff and they are there to make sure your day runs smoothly, we give you the know how so you can play Chef for the day without massive pressure on your shoulders.

We will deliver our cooker to the venue of choice and position the roaster where you like, we also eliminate the fear for outdoor events being ruined with our versatile cookers usable inside or out as they are able to self contain so there is little or no smoke, again another great reason to try our first class service, hassle free catering with amazing food to boot. Mentioned earlier Northumberland has some fabulous farming land with amazing produce and livestock available, perfect combinations of seasoning and meats combined with a traditional hog roaster it really is the dream team of catering. Pork is not the only thing our versatile hog roasters can cook with many meats being firmly on our menu with most forms of produce easily cooked on our roasters. Spring Lamb is one of the best meats around when cooked properly with the respect it deserves, the only way to get the most out of Lamb is to slow cook it, this makes sure the Lamb doesn't dry out and stays juicy and moist ready for you and your guests, combine that with beautiful seasoning such as mint and a slow roasting it will be the best tasting Lamb you have ever tried guaranteed!

We can cook the tastiest parts of the Cow for you with slow turned beef ribs being a popular choice among our regular customers and also tasty rump another cut that is firmly on our menu, whatever cut you fancy let us know and we will endeavour to provide you with that choice we can source most produce or you can provide it yourself the decision is yours. Our cookers can also manage to cook Fish with no problem and Wild Salmon is often requested at some the elegant Weddings we have provided top class catering for, seasoned with lemon juice the Salmon is magnificent if we do say so ourselves. White meat alternatives are also on our menu with Chicken being a favourite with our smaller numbered functions, working well when a full Pig would not be required, perfect for smaller events or family BBQ we can cater for all functions larger or small, we want everyone to benefit from our first class service and our first class cookers so call us today.